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AIDSFree Cities Global Forum LIVE: Politicians and doctors meet work on the future without AIDS

Politicians and physicians from around the world are meeting in London today to jointly develop plans to fight HIV to create a future without AIDS.

The Global AIDSfree Cities Forum, in Conduit, Mayfair, is the pinnacle of the Evening Standard campaign, The Independent and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

It will focus on UN targets "90-90-90", aimed at informing at least 90% of people with HIV about their status, getting 90% of them on treatment and 90% virally suppressed.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Minister for International Development Penny Mordaunt and visiting delegates attending civic leaders from six key cities addressing the AIDS challenge – Kiev, Delhi, Atlanta, Maputo, Nairobi and London.

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Good morning and welcome to our coverage of today's Global AIDSfree Cities Forum.

Prior to the conference, we will look back at the beginning of the AIDS campaign in early December, and we will again visit the words Sir Elton John and Evening Standard and the independent owner Evgeny Lebedev describing the goals:

Dear London,

As we write, 37 million people worldwide live with HIV. Only last year the virus infected 1.8 million people and 940,000 died of AIDS-related illness. It does not have to happen.

Today's drugs not only allow people living with HIV to have their full and full lives, but also make sure they can not transfer the virus to others.

The challenge is that too many people still do not realize they are at risk, they are too afraid of stigma or have been denied the ability to test HIV.

That is why we raise awareness in cities around the world about the fight against the shame associated with HIV; promote safe and available testing; and to help connect people in need of HIV treatment to the right care.

The topic of the World AIDS Day on Saturday – 30th International Information Campaign – was "to know its status".

Why? Because everyone should understand the risks of HIV, and everyone who needs it should have the opportunity of dignified help and support.

This can happen only when we know our status.

We will do normal HIV testing and interrupt the stigma surrounding the virus.

Together we will address all those who live, are affected or at risk of HIV / AIDS.

Bring them the help they need and make sure that no one is left behind, wherever they could live and who they could be, so we can really create a future without AIDS.

With love and thanks,

Elton and Evgeny

Money raised from public subsidies through an appeal against AIDS will be used to support the Elton John Foundation Foundation's projects in six key cities around the world (London, Nairobi, Atlanta, Kiev, Delhi and Maputo). Through US support, the British government will double public donations of up to £ 2 million to be spent on projects in Maputo and Nairobi.

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