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ANC Battle Website: The party can not make a decision, wants to go to court instead

ANC did not acquire the domain name of its website after the referee appointed by DomainDisputes.co.za decided against this group this week.

The parties turned to the body after the Unwembi Communications service provider declared that he was the owner of the ANC domain name www.anc.org.za.

News24 has previously announced that there are charges of failing to pay R32m service provider, which has forced Unwembi to pull the plug, causing the party to register a new domain and leave a date.

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"This website is suspended due to a non-paying service provider," read the message that welcomed browsers trying to access the site.

ANC, however, stated in its opinion to the judge that Unwembi posted a harmful notice on the website that had a serious impact on its image, brand and business.

The party argued that Unwembi acted in good faith, regardless of the agreements entered into, which were included in the termination of the agreement between the two parties.

He said he is now considering litigation.

"Given that the arbitrator's decision is against the ANC, we will now continue the lawsuit on our domain name and website and we have already familiarized our advisers," she said.

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The party said that Unwembi was made up of individuals, with the help of ANC, originally part of the IT department of the movement that registered and developed the website.

"When Unwembi was founded in 1997, ANC has entrusted its comrades with responsibility for continuing to manage their website." Unwembi's ownership changed hands when some of the original founders left, around 2015, "the statement continued.

ANC said that her struggle to acquire ownership and control the domain name is a crucial issue.

"It's an important part of the 107-year legacy of our movement and people, and no private company or individual can claim the rich and famous history."

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