Another Audi TT is quite a lot confirmed as a 4-Door Coupe

TT is one of Audi's smallest cars and with more than half a million sold cars, it was quite successful for a sports car. But sales have fallen in recent years, which means drastic changes.

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In 2014 he introduced the Audi TT Sportback, who wanted to get in production with the Q3 version. However, the timing was poor, because the Dieselgate scandal stopped most of the new spending on model development.

While TDI still causing problems and increasing costs, Audi has recovered. TT Sportback will be built, but not next to a common two-door model. Instead, it will replace it completely in motion, which is not surprising.

The sale of the "hairdresser's car" is falling all over the world. It has nothing to do with TT but the demand for sports cars in general. Sooner or later, TT always walked along the way of a bird … and VW Scirocco.

How are we sure that another TT will be four-door? Well, because two publications said the same thing together. We have a message from Auto Express and a cool small video from the Germans at Auto Bild. This is quite rare and means that Audi has decided on this.

"If you set a declining demand for rising costs, it is clear that Audi can not keep the current course in the medium term," he said in an interview with a British source, an unnamed member of the Audi Board.

These installation costs are related to the ever evolving emission regulations. And the reputation that the new TT will face a 48-volt hybrid system and a plug-in hybrid version.

The TT Sportback will have the size of a design study in 2014, but its design will be influenced by other Audi models. When driving on the next-generation MQB platform, this coupe should arrive by 2021 at the latest.

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