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Another Fortnite event will be a virtual concert of Marshmello

Another great Fortnite event is quite fun and exciting. It has been seen that EDM DJ, Marshmello, will perform a virtual concert for the next Fortnite event to be held on Saturday (February 2, 2019).

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The Marshmello Virtual Concert will be held in Pleasant Park, Fortnite. The setting is perfect for a virtual concert because it has a great American football pitch that is ideal for organizing fun virtual meetings. The stage is currently under construction in Pleasant Park, if you want to look.

Marshmello has even introduced a virtual concert as a concert on his website, a great touch and an indication of how big the Fortnite events have gained. This is not the first Fortnite Marshmello event to be part of. At last year's E3, Marshmello and the celebrity gaming, Ninja, competed in (and won) the celebrity Fortnite tournament. The couple still plays and sometimes sinks the game.

Successful events are known for running in the ranks of players and the event this weekend promises to be great. This is Fortnite's first event with a virtual concert and it will be interesting to see what experience will be. Past events included entertainment features such as floating ice lake, cylindrical purple ball and rocket launcher.

Epic Games must officially confirm the upcoming Fortnite event, but it is certain that it will be held this weekend. In the construction phase and the deadline set out in the Marshmello tour plan, Fortnite fans are basically a sure thing.

Do you attend a virtual concert held by Marshmello in Fortnite during the next weekend?

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