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Ariana Grande's Unfortunate Tattoo Spelling –

If you own the Internet and have a working brain, you know the possible consequences of getting a tattoo in a language that you do not even speak or understand.

This does not prevent people from getting them the same, which is why, if Google something like a Japanese tattoo, you'll find endless sites devoted to the actual translations of tattoos that people supposed meant "peace" or "love", but really read "noodles" or "free".

Ariana Grande has now become the victim of a long-lasting trend. Long dead, because when I remember correctly it started and ended in the late 1990s or early 2000.

Here is InStyle:

On Tuesday, a 25-year-old publisher shared a post from Instagram, which has since turned down that, in her opinion, Entertainment Tonight had two Japanese characters on her hands.

Grande is meant to mean "7 Rings", the title of her latest disintegration anthem. But the fans quickly pointed out that they lacked a few characters.

The two characters he has, really mean "a small charcoal grill."

Other tattoos include Gemma Pokemon, Eevee, so it looks as if it really hugs the 90s and has a real 90th tattoo.

Here are some other people who have suffered a similar fate for your amusement:

What does it mean: Beautiful & # 39;

What does it mean: "Catastrophe" or "catastrophe"

What does it mean:Friendship &

What does it mean: Bad-Looking & # 39;

What does it mean: His initials JA M

What does it mean: No meaning at all – it's just nonsense

What does it mean: "Fidelity"

What does it mean: "Noodle"

Yes. When you get a tattoo, you can best get it in a language that you understand.


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