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BMW Crash Crash: The passenger ran a single cut to his finger

The passenger who survived the horrific accident on N1 road in Cape Town only fled.

A 24-year-old man whose full name is known to News24 was treated by Emergency Medical Services Metro in a crash.

Provincial Health Department spokesperson Mark van der Heever confirmed that the nurse had previously visited a man before being transferred to New Somerset Hospital for further examination.

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Driver Taufiq Carr, however, was not so happy. The 26-year-old businessman from Mitchells Plain was treated by ER24 rescuer for critical head and foot injuries. He was taken to Vincent Palotti Hospital, where both legs were amputated.

In the initial reports, he did not mention the passenger who had been hospitalized before the competent authorities arrived.

Carr crashed his BMW M3 on the N1 near the Sable Road tournaff in the early hours of Monday, January 21.

This week, frightening photos of the incident appeared in messaging applications and in the social media.

One showed the viewer who helped Carra after the fall. His bloody legs are shifted and placed out of the car, with his left leg clearly broken.

Branches and flowers from bushes growing in the center of the center with which it collided can be seen hanging on the floor of the vehicle.

News24 released Tuesday videotapes made on the co-driver's side of a luxury vehicle that hit the speed of 320 km / h before impact.

There was no sign or official record of the second passenger car in Carro's car before.

The passenger records the race, which includes another car and motorcycle, at one point commented: "And over and over again and again and again and again."

A man says something that is inaudible, and a few seconds later, he says, "Hey!"

The image starts to shake and the noise can be heard until the image disappears.

Another clip shows that someone meets a seriously injured Carr and asks who was with him. Carr replied, and the man said, "Imraane, where are you?"

Meanwhile, photographs of smiling Carr sitting in a hospital bed began to circulate.

A week ago, his mother, Moesna, told News24 that her son was sitting and not "really conscious."

Cape Verde police spokesperson in Western Cape, Captain FC Van Wyk, said earlier this week that a criminal case of unscrupulous and careless proceedings has been reported.

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