Wednesday , June 19 2019
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Cardi B refuses to report that she has joined the offset

The hip-hop Internet community rejoiced in the news that Cardi B and Offset have reunited and will continue their relationship, but the rap queen claims the message is fake. It was stated that the duo continued their marriage and returned home together in Atlanta. "TMZ, why are you lying," Cardi replied. "I was not in Atl since Christmas."

Cardi B announced the offset distribution in December last year. The marriage was stopped by what is said to be the other women who deal with Offset. The high-quality division was transferred to Cardi's Rolling Loud and continued to dominate the subtitles.

While Cardi and Offset are not retrospectively and are not in the same city at the same time, they will be in the coming days. Kardi will be on Saturday in Atlanta to join her friend Brunem Mars at the State Farm Arena outside Bud Light Music. Migos are planned for another night.

The current split couple both will come to Los Angeles for the Grammy Award. Kardi B will have many awards, because Migos has also received several nominations. Invasion of the rapper privacy will also take place. While not playing in the big game, Cardi B will still have the Super Bowl presence when he appears in a new Pepsi ad next to another Hip-Hop icon in Lil Jon.

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