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DNS Flag Day – Telkom's website does not support the latest security features

The Internet Coalition has recently announced that it will cease to support solutions that meet Domain Name System (DNS) operators that do not meet the latest standards.

DNS is a system that converts domain names to Internet Protocol addresses that can be processed by devices.

Changes will be made from February 1, 2019, which is a dubbed date DNS Flag Day.

Companies have indicated that DNS is unnecessarily slow and inefficient due to efforts to deal with several systems that are not in line with DNS standards that were introduced two decades ago.

"This change affects domains hosted on authorized servers that do not meet the original 1987 DNS standards or the newer EDNS standards in 1999," they said.

Companies that are part of the coalition include Cisco, Cloudflare, Facebook, Google, and Quad9.

DNS Flag Day includes a way of testing domains to meet new standards.

Testing the domains of the largest hosting and Internet service providers in South Africa has led to an error message for a major player's website – Telkom.

"This domain does not support the latest DNS standards, as a result, this domain can not support the latest security features and may be easier for network attackers than needed," warns the DNS Flag Day Web site.

To see if organizations are ready for change, we have talked to Internet players from South Africa.


Nishal Goburdhan, INX-ZA Internet Point Manager, said that all INX servers are fully compatible and ready for DNS Flag Day.

"Nominated INX servers are authoritative not only for Internet exchanges, but also for the South African government ( and many IXP projects and community projects in Africa," said Goburdhan.



Teraco's technical manager and NAPAfrica for interconnection and peering Andrew Owens told MyBroadband that their internal network and DNS are ready.

"Our outbound DNS services are hosted by Cloudflare, one of the strongest supporters of the movement, and is therefore compatible. Our reverse DNS is hosted internally and tested to ensure 100% compliance," said Owens.

Owens has made it clear that Teraco does not offer any client or network service to clients in the data center, so clients will be responsible for their own DNS flagship.

Teraco logo


Hetzner said his network and hosting environment is ready for DNS Flag Day.

Hetzner logo on the building

Internet solutions

Internet Solutions said its DNS servers are ready. His domains and domains of clients who host them have passed all tests.

Logo of internet solutions


Afrihost said she was expecting a change to ensure that her clients did not.

"We've completed our changes and we're ready to change, and we're going to watch something unexpected," said Afrihost.

Logo Afrihost


Webafrica CTO Alan Kirton told MyBroadband that they had finished preparing for the DNS Flag Day and did not expect any surprises.

"DNS requirements are predominantly processed by Cloudflare or IS caching," Kirton said.

Webafrica logo new

A packet house

Packet Clearing House provides secondary DNS for nearly 400 top-level domains.

"PCH's global infrastructure is fully in line with DNS Flag Day recommendations," he said.

Packet designation


MTN spokesperson Jacqui Oulo Sullivan has confirmed that their network and host environments are ready for DNS Flag Day.

"MTN has done its proper care and does not expect any problems on this big day."

MTN Store


Vodacom said he is ready for the DNS Flag Day and will meet the deadline of February 1, 2019.

Vodafone Store

Liquid Telecom – Refused to comment

Liquid Telecom has not been able to comment on whether their network and host environments are ready for DNS Flag Day.

Liquid Telecom

Telkom – No comments

Telkom did not respond to a request for a DNS Flag Warning reminder.

The company earlier told MyBroadband that its systems were updated to change the keys and would monitor their DNS environment during switching.

"Telkovy DNS systems were updated with new keys, both on SAIX and Telkom Internet," said Telkom spokesman at the time, MyBroadband.

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