Do you want to work for Cassper? Here's your chance

These are just some of the testimonials from people who have had the opportunity to be a trainee at the Fill Up FNB concert. So go ahead and ask for these interviews, guys, do not let this opportunity come true.

"She was part of the #FillUpFNB internship that helped me work, allowed me to be exposed to a fast work environment, improving my ability to work under pressure, and it also helped me to improve my sales and customer service skills when I worked under the Merchandise Team, I worked with large amounts of money within the Merchandise team, so I learned the value of honesty, I also helped where I could in other departments that also helped to improve my teamwork and communication skills, "Welile said Mthembu.

"It was really awesome and I learned a lot from the team as a whole and the big events itself, it was a great experience and I definitely would have done it again," said Karabo Marakalla

"Working on #FillUpFNB was an experience I will never forget … honestly, if you never did anything like FillUp, nothing really could prepare you for what the day of the event is. There are no words that really describe it. , extremely busy, always on my feet … I was working in a team that taught me how to keep it cool when it's under pressure and when other people are panicking I'm so grateful for the experience of being able to work on # FillUpFNB, lessons I have learned from the day of the event, and an information session are lessons that have been so informative and useful as to help me find out what to do and how to do my career as soon as I graduate, "said Tsakani Maswa .

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