Durban Gardener allegedly robbed his R78 million heritage ▷ South African News

– The gardener, who was labeled Sabelo Mdlova, was allegedly deceived by heritage

– According to a report, the neighbor's employer's neighbor and lawyers have reportedly changed their will

– Three people have since been arrested and bail secured R2000

– Expected to appear in court early February 2019

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On 15 September 2012, Charlotte Davies, who originally came from Germany, died. However, without any living relatives, the old lady left all Mdlo, who worked for her in the Durban home for the last ten years.

After her death, she invited Madla to her neighbor, Pamela Pillay, to help him deal with the deceased's affairs.

According to the official Hawks media statement, Pillay gave Mdlov a thousand rand and allegedly told him to come back to his little house while they kicked the process on his behalf.

However, Mdlova soon discovered that the 62-year-old retail manager and her two lawyers, Rodney Reddy and Pravin Rajadene, had broken the will.

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Durban's gardener allegedly robbed his R78 million heritage

The rich home of La Lucia worth R5.8 million. Photographic credit: Bongani Mbatha / AFA / ANA

"After his return, he noticed that these three had reportedly changed the deceased signature by will to do so as a recipient," he added.

In the same year, Ldlu began a case of fraud against three people at the Durban North police station. he learned that the case was handed over to the hawks in 2016 for further investigation.

The Hawks official statement added that three people reportedly stole R78 million.

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The suspects have since been arrested, but each has been given a R2000 bail. He is expected to appear again in court on 4 February 2019.

Despite the bail, the state managed to secure a protest against three alleged fraudsters.

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