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Facebook tests stories sharing feature

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Facebook wants RSVPing to do it seamlessly and is now testing a new feature that lets you share events with your stories.

On Monday, Facebook announced that it is starting to pilot a new feature that makes it easy for users to publish events in their stories and to schedule meetings with friends who also participate, TechCrunch reported. The feature is now available to Facebook users in Brazil, Mexico and the US

The new feature displays Share Your Story, which will appear on Facebook Events pages. If you decide to share an event with your story, friends will see a customizable sticker in your story that shows the details of events and can react directly if they are "interested."

With the new feature you can see which friends want to go into an event right in your story. From here, you can set up a group interview for potential participants and schedule a meeting. Rather than browsing RSVP event information, you can easily find out where your friends are participating in seconds.

You can start the feature in three simple steps: First, go to the Events page, click Share, and then click Share Story. Friends who want to participate in an event can click "interest" and you will be able to see their answers to your story. Finally, you can start a group chat by tapping the circle next to all the friends in the event list.

The new Facebook feature is based on how the social media platform strives to attract younger users. According to the Pew Research Center survey 2018, 44 percent of the millennium and Gen Z users (aged 18 to 29) removed Facebook from their smartphones. It is likely that these Facebook account owners use other platforms for their social media needs, including Instagram and Snapchat.

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