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Fortnite Mobile now supports 60 frames per second on the latest iPhone

Epic Games has announced that owners of the latest iPhone phones can now enjoy Fortnite at 60 frames per second while Android users are still limited to 30 frames per second.

Successful update 6.31 yesterday dropped but it seemed to miss an important note for mobile users. Epic PR Guy Nick Chester jumped to Twitter to spread the good word, tweeting that owners of "iPhone XS / XS-Max / XR" can now play 60fps.

Unfortunately for iPhone X, Chester users added that this option is not available.

"Performance is limited by hardware and devices that are listed and more powerful than X. It says the team is still looking for ways to improve the performance of all devices all the time!"

60fps is not an option for Android users, although Reddit has stated that this option has been unlocked a few months ago but was later patched.

In Epic's statement, Epic said it "continues to work on Android optimizations that could support the 60Hz mode in the future."

Three new iPhone models were announced in September and released this month. You can take a look at our XR overview here.

Meanwhile, the next season event, Fortnite, approaches, and the ice cloud approaches the map, indicating that things are about to get cold in time for a holiday.

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