Ghana is ready to host the AFRIMA Award next week – a planning committee

Entertainment from Saturday, November 17, 2018

Source: Daniel Kaku


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Nana Animo, Deputy Chair of the AFRIMA, said that the Ministry of Tourism and its partners are ready and adapted to preparations for AFRIMA Awards scheduled for November 21-24, 2018.

According to Nana Anima, AFRIMA's release in 2018 will provide an insight into how African giants will become aware of, tourism is boosted, and Ghana's entertainment sectors are preparing to receive international and continental dignitaries.

AFRIMA is rewarding and celebrating musical works, talents and creativity around the African continent while promoting Africa's cultural heritage. The four-day event, according to the organizers of the event, is full of various activities related to creative art.

In an interview for "Epa Hoa Daben" in Happy FM and watched by Daniel Kaku, Mr. Anim found out that 125 African musicians and other parts of the world were charged on arrival at AFRIMA Awards.

"The benefits of Ghana will be derived from the AFRIMA hosting is enormous, with records showing that 125 musicians are coming to AFRMA and along with their dancers and managers." The African Union (AU) also sent a delegation of 24 people to attend the event while local and international media they will also be present to cover the whole event, so if you observe, Ghana's advertising gets blown away from AFRIMA hosting, "he said.

He added that Ghana, which hosts more than a thousand foreigners, will be one way of transforming the tourism industry.

"We expect more than a thousand foreigners in the country for AFRIMA, so just imagine that the money from Ghana will come from hosting this program. Taxi drivers, hotels, food retailers and others will benefit and, above all, will support the tourism industry, and that will lead to make the country more revenue, "he said.

He therefore took the opportunity to reveal some of the media reports that are running on some internet portals that the event would call appropriate financial difficulties and also called on the general public to take the event from 21 to 24 November 20118 as expected.

"I urge Ghana to stay focused because there is no way to appeal this biggest event, and I use this opportunity to advise the media to be professional enough and to investigate," he said.

This is the first time Ghana holds a prestigious event.

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