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Gillingham and Bosase Chiefs: Mercedes Benz, please!

"Gavin called me and said," Frans, Patrick needs a new car. ""

"Gavin called me and said," Frans, you better catch Patrick, he needs a car for his wife. ""

"Gavin called me and said," Patrick needed a car for his son. ""

One of the key men in Bosas, Frans Vorster, took a stand at an official commission of inquiry on Tuesday and immediately penetrated into the deep end of the vast Bosassa, which was granted to former Financial Services Director Patrick Gillingham.

From Gillingham it turned out to have nothing but the best of German engineering – Mercedes Benz, along with cool and hard money.

For two out of three children, however, Volkswagen Polos will have to do and VW Golf with all the accessories for his wife.

The oldest son of Gillingham was not the Bosass recipient, Vorster explained.

Commission President, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo noted at one stage that "husband, wife and children were driving Bosassa-bought cars."

In the center, it was Vorster, who testified that Bosase CEO Gavin Watson would have asked him to meet Gillingham's demands.

Vorster revealed that the relationship between Bosas and Gillingham had started well before the company had obtained the first lucrative offer from correctional services.

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In fact, it was Gillingham, who convinced the Correctional Service in 2004 that the outsourcing of catering contracts would be the best practice and would save the cash department.

Bosasa won a R300m tender under the supervision of then-national Commissioner Linda Mti, who also allegedly accepted bribes from the company in exchange for deals.

"He (Gillingham) was essentially the driving force behind the process, and then Mr Mti approved," Vorster said.

Gillingham's key role in the system, which saw Bosass collecting more than $ 2 billion worth of remedial services, is well documented in the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) report finalized in 2009.

The SIU report describes it as an "integral role".

But as Bosass first struck Gillingham, it remained secret until Wednesday.

Vorster – whose late father also worked for Bosas and had a relationship with Gillingham – was a key man who sold Gillingham on the idea of ​​working with Krugersdorp.

"Gavin Watson came to my Lindelle office [Repatriation Centre] in 2003 and asked to speak for myself. He told me: "Patrick will take over again because he would like to offer a diet contract for correctional services," Vorster said.

At this stage, DCS operated kitchens in its facilities and prisons, and the idea of ​​outsourcing was not yet on the table.

Soon Vorster was called to the now infamous vault at Bosas headquarters where he would be given the money that had to be given to Gillingham.

Vorster then packed the cash into the A4 envelope so that it looked like documents.

"I met Patrick in a restaurant, mostly in the Pretoria or Centurion area, and we would discuss the specifications and offers for the Correctional Kitchen. I will receive the envelope and return the information back," he explained.

Amounts varied – between R5,000, R10,000 and R20,000.

Vorster described the relationship between Watson and Mti as "good and close", which "has led to Gillingham being appointed to the public procurement department of MTI's correctional services.

He later named Gillingham as Chief Financial Officer.

Soon after Bosasa entered the kitchen competition in 2004, Vorster told Watson that he would help Gillingham get Mercedes Benz.

At that time, Gillingham was driving the old gold Mercedes Benz E240, which had a high mileage per hour and broken left headlights. The commercial representation offered him a commercial value of R 89,000.

Bosasa bought a car from Gillingham for R155,000, paid directly to his bank account and then paid for the lack of a new Mercedes.

"We have paid much more than what is worth," Vorster said.

The fate of the old Mercedes Benz has not been revealed.

Next year Vorster was again invited to win Volkswagen Golf for Gillingham's wife.

"Gavin called me and said," Frans, you better catch Patrick, he needs a car for his wife. ""

A year later, Gavin's call came – this time Gillingham's son needed a car.

Bosasa also provided VW Polo for his daughter, but Vorster said he was on vacation when it was done.

Soon Gillingham himself needed a new Mercedes Benz and Vorster, he did it again.

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He has always testified that Bosasa will use various tricks to hide the cash flow that is paid to different vendors.

"It was done so that if anyone came to investigate, they would not be able to pick it up, and the internal auditors did not even take it."

Over the years, Bosass has also bought the VW Touareg V8 for Mti and built luxury homes for both Mitch and Gillingham.

Vorster said it was "open knowledge" that Bosass had financed the construction of Midstream homes for Gillingham and Savannah Hills for Mt, complete with their own kitchens and luxury furniture.

Nowadays, according to Agrizzi, Gillingham drives Mercedes GLA200 with the kind permission of a company owned by Watson's brother-in-law, Mark Taverner.

Vorster also testified how Watson had ordered him to "hire a cabriolet" for the daughter of Nomvula Mokonyane, then the Minister of Water Affairs, in December 2015.

When the cabriolet could not get, Bosa paid for the hire of the Audi A3.

During the SIU investigation, Vorster was also asked to destroy the evidence. He obtained records of the VW Touareg purchase for Mti from an employee in a commercial agency and burned the file.

"Who said it all must be done?" Zondo asked in one place.

"That was the decision that Gavin, Angelo and I, the crew accepted at that stage," said Vorster.

The commission is expected to resume on Thursday.

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