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I just started playing the artifact and I was trying to spend money

Image: Valve (artifact)

The valve finally has a new game. Do you believe that? Card game based on Dota 2, Artifact which was launched today at Steam. After several hours of goodbye, I can say there are a lot of things to do Artifact, but it's also one of the more available card games I've played, at least at the first start.

Although it draws a clear comparison with Blizzard's Hearthstone and Magic: Assembly (whose creator is actually ArtifactChief Designer) plays much more like a real-time strategy game, folded into cards. That should not be surprising Artifact is inspired Dota 2, MOBA, which originally started life as a mod Warcraft 3.

At the same time, it is remarkable how many Artifact it feels like a card game just in name. Sure, open up the card packs, build bundles and then hope you create a good starting hand every time you start the match. But during the instant play itself, every decision and potential compromise is measured in terms of how it affects the position and relative strength of the soldiers on the battlefield.

I swear that the game is not as complicated as it looks.
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)

Here's the tutorial Artifact is played back. Two players start with packages consisting of at least 40 cards, but more than they want. Each of them has five heroes colored in red, blue, green or black. Each battle takes place on a battlefield that is divided into three lanes, one round involving action on all three, from left to right. These individual lanes have a tower on both sides with 40 health. Players of heroes are across those players who attack the towers at each turn until they are blocked, as are other creatures and spells played. When the tower is destroyed, an old player who has 80 health appears. One party wins either by destroying enemy towers on two separate boards or Ancient times.

Make sense?

Probably not. And it is over me that I skip a lot of important details such as the fact that the towers produce the mana that is needed to play the card in that lane and that at the end of each turn the number of your creatures that you kill determines how much the gold you earn to buy cards that are added to your hand and can be played for free. ArtifactIt's a great task to explain everything, leading you to separate, mostly pre-written shooter matches without getting too deep into the weeds.

After completing the tutorial and then gathering other parts against human opponents with pre-built and own decks, here are some of my first ideas:

  • Artifact should be free. It is not. It costs $ 20. You get two old decks and 10 decks of cards, each costing $ 2 per se. You will also receive five event tickets that can be used to make multiple card designs. But for the most part, you'll probably get your cards by purchasing new packages or purchasing them individually at Steam Marketplace. This means that the initial $ 20 is a backup rather than the full cost of the game. I find it hard to see someone coming in Artifact without continuing to spend more money to make progress because, unlike Hearthstone, there is no day mechanism for completing challenges or collecting currency in the game and slowly build your collection with it. You'll just have to keep spending. And talk about which …
Everyone is desperate to get to that guy.
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)
  • I have already witnessed that I spent $ 16 on the most expensive Artifact card. Ax is one of my favorite heroes Dota 2. It is big, strong, red and, as you can imagine, bears a giant ax. in Artifact, there are special heroes of the neighboring card that will automatically fill in the pack when a certain hero is selected. Ax players will receive a Berserker challenge that allows one of their heroes to fight against another enemy than the one ahead of them. The game, which is primarily focused on location, is a huge solution.

    As a result, Ax is currently the most valuable card in the game, which is why it is so expensive to buy directly. At the same time, my gut, along with some mathematical cover, tells me that I will pay better $ 16 (or less, the price seems to be rapidly declining) if I really wanted Ax instead of spending so much on packing cards in an attempt to get it. This is the magic of a collector's card game that is connected to the digital market.

  • Artifact achieves the right balance between being entertaining to look at the screen and not wasting too much information about it. The game will show you only one lane at a time, and it's a nice click between them or zooming to show the whole board at once. It's much less Dota 2 and much more Hearthstone, which, in my opinion, is fine Hearthstone has perhaps the best user interface of any game at all.
  • I like how you enjoy these little things when you're totally surprised.
Sorry my brother!
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)
  • The big red X over the things to die is very useful. I'm not as sharp as I am. Especially when playing a complex card game in bed at 2:00 in the morning. Artifact is great by letting you know what happens before it happens, including how many damage to the enemies and the tower will take when the turn is over, so it's easy to decide what cards to play before to make sure you happening.
  • Artifact It feels like a new type of card game. Since last year, we've seen different ways to make card games Hearthstone started his dungeon runs with one player and more recently with Kill the Tower, the dungeon crawling roguelike, whose combat mechanics are all based on the cards. Artifact it feels like lengthening both ideas, taking things like mana costs, blocking creatures, and defending from the tower and using them to try and recreate the experience of strategy games in a somewhat different context. Even though I'm not sure I'll fall in love with it Artifact just like me Dota 2, already feels away and away as a year best new video game. Excuse me, Gwent.

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