Idris Elba wins the title "The Fastest Younger Man" too "Tirelessly Straight", writer U.K.

Idris Elba, the recently-named magazine People, the strongest man in his life, apparently not just a straight man, is "tirelessly straight," the UK newspaper said.

Opposition editor The Guardian claims that people have a wrong title, rewarding only "definitely male, based, patriarchal figures," as contributor Caspar Salmon lamented a perceptive preference for celebrity "lucerna jawed hetero".

"In other words, the prize is relentlessly straightforward: it makes it strangely separate from the current public discourse, which has a clear cross-pollinated strange culture where male attractiveness is," the author wrote on Wednesday.

The author then argued that the "masculinity culture" is light in the world before it goes on: "People have an obligation to reflect all kinds of beauty, but their museum depictions of strong, predominantly white, straight men tell us something about dominant culture, and it is, , funny … For the time being we celebrate Idris Elba as their worst commemorative memory and we are eager to wait for sexy development. "

But people had a different approach to the appointment process.

"In order for a person to be sexy in 2018, we must know that they respect women and that there is some kind of kindness and generosity about man," said Jess Cagle, Editor-in-Chief, he said on November 5.

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