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"It's Not Useful for South Africa" ​​- Views of Mahumapelo on "9 Lost Years"

Former President Jacob Zuma, Supra Mahumapelo, pleaded with the ANC leaders – for and against Zuma – to stop discussing their public address.

Mahumapelo expressed his opinion only a day after Zuma took on Twitter to defend his nine years in office as head of state.

He replied to the recent remarks by his successor, Cyril Ramaphos and Finance Minister Tito Mboweni, of the "nine lost years". Ramaphos often suggested that the period was one in which the country and the ANC lost their moral compasses.

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But Zuma struggled back through Twitter and sent out that when he took the lead, he never "innocent any precursor nor showed any perceived failure of an ancestor."

"I do not believe we have betrayed this trust, and I am still proud of what we and the country have achieved over the past ten years, could we do more?" "Yes, could it be better?" Yes, was that unnecessary decade? No, "Zuma explained.

Mahumapelo spoke to reporters during an afternoon lunch at the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, where he and others are challenging the party's decision to dissolve the Provincial Executive Committee of the Northwest Provincial Province (PEC).

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He said he wished that all the leaders did not take their views on this matter.

"We will continue to face difficulties and make mistakes on the way, and our duty is to promise South Africans that we will work forever to improve our mistakes instead of showing our fingers," Mahumapelo said.

"Imagine that if we started out of the Langalibale Dube and point out every mistake that has been there for the last 107 years, the ANC would not move," he added, referring to the party's first president.

Mahumapelo accused some of the country's claims for colonialism and apartheid and acknowledged that there was no way to improve leadership.

Mahumapelo, known for his close ties with the former president, said the guilt game is not a direction South Africa should have.

"My request for the leadership of the ANC: Let's pause a bit, move away from this debate, not useful for the Republic of South Africa and the ANC," he said.

I can not stop using my name

Mahumapelo insisted that he had no relations with many political parties that spread throughout the country.

Parties like the Mazibuye African Congress, the African Revolution for Freedom, the African Transformation Movement (ATM), and the African Content Movement (ACM) have recently been launched – all of which have some link to former President Jacob Zuma.

The ATM has supported the longtime ANK member Mzwanel Manyi, while former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng has decided to establish his own party – ACM.

Mahumapelo was once associated with the Mazibuya African Congress before deciding to turn his idea of ​​NGOs to a political party. However, he rejects any relationship to the party.

"I will always remain a member of the ANC until I die, it is vital, it will not change and people will continue to associate my name, for many years people continue to associate my name." Mahumapelo.

Asked why he did not act against those who associated their organization with their names, he said he was more concerned.

"It's up to them, I'm not interested in what they are doing, I'm interested in winning the ANC in May," said Mahumapelo.

He added that it is important to keep the ANC unified and relevant to South Africans.

"I can not run after what people say about me."

"It happens to me every hour of the day, now it means that if I do, I will be disrupted and not focus on the work I have to do as a member of the ANC," he continued.

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