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Kruger hyeny taught the lesson after he tried to finish the lion [video]

These hyenas in Kruger National Park did not have the last laughs on this occasion after they chose someone twice bigger, and with a great deal of options to call for a backup.

A sensational shot taken by a 19-year-old student, Amberem Soames, shows moments after wilderness killings and predators circling his dead body. At first it seemed very attractive, and the lion's share would … well, lion.

Lions vs. Hyenas in Kruger Park

But then the hyenas got some ideas over the stations. They tried to fight the fight with their cats, realizing they had numbers on their side. There were at least half a dozen creatures trying to bite a lion behind their backs and try to make a piece of their feet.

On scenes that have never been seen since The Lion King, the corner predator asks for help from his pride – within one minute we see that there are two more lions on the scene. They lift the tempo and get on to the hyenas that once believed and scare them.

Drama continues when the hunter becomes hunted: Hyen group (well, it's actually a "cocktail" hyen, but …) then he has to do everything in his power to make food for pride, to escape the pursuit of the lion restore natural balance.

How to make the perfect video in Kruger National Park:

Soames transferred her experience to the official website of Kruger National Park describing the excitement of what she was watching. The student at the University also shared some tips for the visitors who want to capture their own exciting videos:

"I was excited when the tension was disturbed, I just knew that some theater was unfolding and I was so prepared for it. For other visitors to the park who are on such an observation, the advice I would give is just patience and endurance, because if there are numerous predators on the same scene, some kind of action must retreat. "

Amber Soames

Will hyenas learn to stay in her lane next time? Probably not. They saw an advantage and tried to take it. But when the tables turned, they turned at a tremendous speed. Just keep the boys as a hero from that moment.

Watch Hyen Ball here Kruger's Lion:

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