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Kwagga avoids accusations of losing Newlands

2019-02-27 12:30

Johannesburg – With all the noise surrounding the performance of Egon's second referee in the Stormers victory over Lions over the weekend, Johannesburg franchise flanker Kwagga Smith eventually gave some meaning to the argument by telling "We should never be in this position."

There was a massive debate in the rugby circles of the penalty awarded to the Stormers in the dying minutes of the game when it seemed that Malcolm Marx stole the ball, but despite all the bleating, the result stands and Smith just wants to move on.

He had some wise counsel for those who feel that Lions are hard to do and show maturity in the side when they look forward and not back in the heavy tournament they are in.

"I think it's always frustrating when the call goes against you, but for us, we should never be in such a situation. We should have been playing our rugby mark in our half, scoring is trying," Smith said.

"We should not have been in this position so we could call that ref refused it wrong, and it was worth noting that we should never have been in this position."

Smith said his teammates agreed that they were not in their best situations in the second half of the year and brought an unhappy lack of discipline.

"I certainly think we are disappointed that we did not finish the game, but we did not have a good storm at the end, but we missed the discipline and in the second half we gave a lot of penalties, which gave them the momentum to get another chance and another chance. that we could easily close the game, there were plenty of opportunities, we had the ball with a minute and 10 seconds.

"We could keep the ball and if we can do it out of our 22 then why can not we do it in our 22. We could have done it, we all had a little bad decision making, so it's something we learn and do next.

"Fortunately, it has happened so early in the season for us to build on it and to learn from it if it's such an opportunity next time it's a close game – perhaps it must win the game – so then we know what to do."

Smith said that when he was not in Argentina, it looked as though his tournament was late in the game.

"It's hard for me to judge because I was not in Argentina, so I can not say I think we've lost and we've definitely given eight or nine sentences in the second half and that's too much to come back to discipline because you can not make stupid punishments , because it gives teams a chance. "

But on Saturday, when faced with the Bulls, they know they are late against their northern neighbors and want to keep it.

"We definitely want to keep it up for teams to know if they come to Ellis Park, it is not easy to win here, you will not just do what you want to do here at home and want to be our home."

Lions will name their party on Thursday for a clash starting on Saturday at 15:05.

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