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NASA fully warns us if the asteroids apocalypse comes


Composite image of Bennu taken from OSIRIS-REx at 330 km.

NASA / Goddard / Arizona University

During the weekend, several alarming subtitles appeared about how NASA had revealed a sign that would suggest that the apocalypse is coming. This heartbreak warning is triggered on a video that was released on January 10th from the YouTube Big Think educational channel.

The video poses the question "Do scientists tell us about the emerging apocalypse?" NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller.

Thallero's answer is something like, "Of course we'd be stupid."

Here's Thaller's joke of apocalyptic: "On the day when all scientists buy out all the great wine and drain their credit cards and disappear, then you might want to worry." But she assures us: "If we knew something dangerous would come, it would not be possible to hide it."

Thaller says he has to ask questions about whether the space agency is hiding evidence of aliens and asteroids.

In the past, NASA has direct information on its work. You can browse its online database of nearby Earth objects and a close access explorer.

NASA is also busy studying the potentially dangerous Asteroid Benno over Osiris-Rex mission. What we learn about Benna will be useful because scientists plan to protect our planet from the asteroid impact.

In this world, there are plenty of things we can bother about, but NASA, which conceals evidence of an asteroid earthquake, is not one of them.

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