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Pencils and Moringa – Seth Ditches Notebook for pure iPad Existence –

As a result of being an Apple fan, you have finally gotten everything they produce, with little or no regard for the practical aspects.

So I started tracking when and for what I used every device. I'm talking about MacBook Pro versus iPad Pro.

Now I've never been a very visually creative man, but I've got a new "2nd Generation" new iPad Pro. I could not realize when I would have to use a pencil (even though I just had it), but then I found out that I was trying to explain the new packaging idea I had Moringa, about which I told you.

So I downloaded Photoshop Sketch and busy.

Look, I'm not saying my drawing is good or anything else, but I was very surprised at how easy it was to sketch something that made sense for someone to understand what I meant. Since then, I've made an incredible taste of oil and started teaching. It was a joke.

I use pencil more and more, and I especially enjoy it when making changes to a PDF or even when making notes. You are aware that long wearing is significantly increasing the memory compared to writing, is not it?

You'll even get pencil-based apps that read your scratches and allow you to search for keywords.

So back to the point of this article … My friends and I often compare our screen with time to use on our iPhones (go to setup and set it up – it's quite interesting) – mainly see who uses Instagram more (I'm at 16 for minute but I also get lapse when people see my average day in the day – which is over six hours.

I have to explain that I will no longer use my laptop. No one believes me.

That is, I wanted to see if I needed my notebook these days. I once used the keyboard on the iPad screen to send it by email earlier, but not when I had a lot of time to go in a short time. I would always think the bigger the task, the more the laptop will be required. Now my new one The iPad Pro comes with a sweet keyboard built into the flap, so I started doing ALL emails on iPad. Besides, the main things I use for a laptop are Excel, Dropbox, Word, Photoshop, Banking, Xero and WordPress.

Everyone usually has apps or websites that connect to the Cloud so I'm trying to find the need for my laptop. I also see that I was accused about a month behind Adobe Photoshop on my laptop – what's the point?

The next day I was on my laptop and had to do something for the picture. I knew it would be too complicated in Photoshop so I sent a picture to my iPhone because I had an application that did what I wanted in a second. Then I sent her back to my laptop. How crazy is it?

I put my laptop in the socket and the only time I needed was when I felt I had a lot of work to do with it, but it never happened. The keypad accessories that I mentioned (and even the normal Bluetooth keyboard fit perfectly) allow all the usual keyboard shortcuts that would previously require the use of a "full-size" keyboard on the notebook.

Imagine you buy or need a WHOLE laptop just because it has a keyboard. Please. Grow up. I'm writing this on my iPad, using hotkeys non-stop. Just like a split-screen and multi-tasking feature, it's not like your notebook allows for another desktop.

I'm not sure how you are rotating at this moment, but if you're busy making a decision, I'm serious about it Think about the iPad Pro with a pencil and keyboard cover – That's very good.

And thanks to the new displays are out of media and reading, which is all I used my iPad earlier – such waste.

Do not even start with DStv for news and live sports – you can finally stop paying for a TV license!

If you ever did …

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