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Pravin Gordhan admits that Eski faces enormous problems

During the Sona debate, Minister Pravin Gordhan also admitted to suggestions and construction shortcomings in the newest Eskom Kusile and Medupi power plants.

Minister of Public Works Pravin Gordhan informs the media on July 23, 2018. Picture: Kayleen Morgan / EWN

JOHANNESBURG – Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan admitted that Eskim faces massive structural, operational and financial problems.

During a state-of-state discussion (Sona) on Tuesday afternoon, Gordhan also admitted Kusile and Medupi to the design and construction defects in Esko.

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The minister says that after meetings with Eskom's board of directors and management, it was decided to call external experts to restore energy utilities to full functionality.

South Africans are fighting for the third day in a row because Eskom is struggling to get to maintenance problems.

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Gordhan says Eskom needs to enter a new business phase that involves dividing the company into three entities.

Previously, in the debate, economic freedom fighters said they were mobilizing workers to oppose any plans to privatize society, but Gordhan said that such plans did not exist.

"Last week in Sone, the president did not say anything about privatization."

Gordhan says next unplanned power outages can be expected in the coming weeks to solve maintenance problems.

"We will bring external power plants, ensure an independent audit exactly what is happening to return Esko and give South Africans certainty that we have a body that can provide us with energy security."

He says Eskim is well on his way to overcoming the abuse of state captivity.


Gordhan says the new Kusile and Medupi power plants are not showing any bad options and suggestions.

"The public is keen to know what the state is about in terms of Eskim, and it is currently facing huge structural, operational and financial problems."

The minister told deputies that the government is urging Enel to provide external technical assistance to resolve operational problems in Esko.

He says the step with the utility department has nothing to do with privatization and is focused on keeping the light.

"It is very clear that security of energy supply is an absolute imperative. Eskimo is in a crisis and the risks posed to South Africa are great [and] it could seriously damage our economy. We must minimize the unfavorable economic costs for consumers and taxpayers. "

The public report on the Eskim Crisis, along with calls for arrests of those responsible for corruption, is the two main criticisms during the morning debate on Soma Ramaphos.

With this country, which on the third day of the departure of the load, the opposition parties say the government is forcing the people of South Africa.

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The Democratic Alliance, Natasha Mazzone, has made recommendations to those guilty of capturing the state.

"Mr. President, let me doubtless say what the average South African does not mind that their tax will be spent, this is the new wing in C-Max Prison Prison [Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Centre] to those who are trying to steal our country. "

Bantu Holomisa of the United Democratic Movement argued that the African National Congress's Investment Council was responsible for the power plant crisis in Medupi and Kusile.

"Eskom comes with a new excuse from non-diesel and coal. We are now telling you that the Hitachi project and the Medupi and Kusile chancellery they built are the reasons why this load has been lost."

At the same time, Moody's says the South African power system is under extreme pressure. The rating agency warns that reserve margins are likely to remain tense by the end of 2020.

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