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Ryan Tubridy shows how the "extraordinary" campaign against HPV vaccine Laura Brennan fulfilled some of her dreams before she died at age 26.

Ryan Tubridy revealed how brave a fighter against HPV vaccine Laura Brennan fulfilled some of her dreams before her tragic death at the age of only 26.

He said Laura wanted to work on the make-up counter and get a gold card for the Copper nightclub before she died.

And he also paid tribute to her tireless work to promote an HPV vaccine after cervical cancer was diagnosed.

Ryan said on his radio show: "Her short life had a big impact. She came to my attention when she was a guest at the Late Late Show.

“She was just one of those extraordinary people who stand out.

"The words I would use to describe it because it was so conspicuous was kindness, positive, empathetic and warm and inexorably optimistic."

Ryan Tubridy with Laura Brennan

"That's what distinguished her, I remember standing together and posing for pictures in the green room after The Late Late Show, I thought I was in the presence of something special and I was.

"The reaction of people from all over the country to this interview was phenomenal and the reaction was clearly Laura and what she had to say and how she said it."

"When the chips are down and you are fighting, you can really go down to one of the two roads, you can either go" The world against me conspires, why I don't want it to happen to me "or you can go down the second road that says "That's my life and I'll do something about it."

"Her great ambition in life was to work on a make-up counter, she got it. She was obsessed with The Greatest Showman, she loved her. When she came to the show, we went to her" That's me ", one of her favorite songs.

Dr. Sean Denyer, Interim Director of HSE National Immunization Office, prof. Mary Horgan, RCPI President, Attorney Laura Brennan HPV Vaccines and Health Minister Simon Harris during the launch of the HPV Vaccination Vaccination Campaign 2018/19 at the RHA Gallery, 15 Ely Place, Dublin

"The other thing she wanted in life was to go to Copper Face Jacks and she did. She got a gold card and she went to Coppers and she managed to get into the audience at the Toy Show."

“She knew she had two to three, maybe four years of life, but it was much shorter than it turned out.

"There were times when she came to leave this world and she was fighting."

Ryan then played in Laura in the radio show segment in October 2018 on how she remained positive despite her illness and how he "loved" his life.

Laura told Ryan, "I'm so happy, I have the best friends and family. I really believe you have the power and control over how much luck you have in your life."

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"Yeah, maybe I have a terminal diagnosis, but I have the happiest life and I'm so happy with my life."

“My joy comes from the people I surround with, my family is so incredible. I have the most amazing mother and father, three older brothers are just incredible, I have six very close friends and that's my circle. and we will jump away from each other.

“I really believe you have the power to create your own happiness, I just live the happiest life. So what I have, I have cancer, I can get up in the morning and laugh. Mulled wine and go to Christmas markets.

Finally, Ryan said, "There's something about Laura Brennan, something about the positivity that will be in the minds of many of us for a long time."

"I was really struck by people who said," I have my daughter vaccinated for Laura "and that's her victory and her legacy."

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