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Sony Patents Potential PS5 Game Cartridges Design – Rant Games

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Sony does not talk about it much, but it's quite acceptable that it's hard to work on your other big home console, the PlayStation 5, with the legends already circulating that it will revealed next year. While we have absolutely no details about it, players are starting to create their own theories and desires, especially now due to a new patent registered by Sony.

Originally announced by the Dutch site of Techtastic, a new patent application for KIPRIS for an electronic gaming cassette appeared. Since home games consoles have been using optical discs since PlayStation One and then started digital game distribution, this patent naturally raises a lot of eyebrows, especially because the game cartridges are more expensive. However, due to the success of the home console Nintendo / Handheld Hybrid, Switch, maybe Sony wants to challenge Nintendo and provide something similar. The second theory is that Sony plans to be the successor of its latest Vita pocket, but at this time, both options can not be proven and should be accepted with the grain of salt.

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The patent itself provides little information. Images show that the case has a hole that could be a handle for people to wear it or to pull it from another device into which it is inserted. We can also see the connector on the bottom that might be for the USB cable.

It is not even a single patent registered by Sony that should be discovered this month as one for the touch screen PlayStation controller was found a few weeks ago. However, it is important to note that patents will not necessarily confirm anything, and Sony could simply cover their bases if they really decide to meet some of these ideas.

In the meantime, PlayStation fans can look forward to the PlayStation Classic, Sony owns its own miniature home console, although a single power-driven machine is gradually losing popularity late, because some find its choice of play loud and the last one that some games will operate at 50Hz.

PlayStationClassic will be released on December 3.

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