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The Burger King franchisee Grand Parade launches unusual JSE events

The first Burger King in South Africa opened its doors in Cape Town on May 9, 2013. Picture: Rafiq Wagiet / EWN

This is the first time in a decade when JSE has exercised the power we have … There is a lot of enemy among the shareholders and the board of directors …

André Visser, JSE

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) released Wednesday a list of criminal attacks from institutional investors wishing to disable the current Grand Parade Investments.

The most critical issue concerns the collapse of the Grand Parade stock price after shifting from gambling to fast food.

Another issue was the remuneration of directors and directors of CEOs and CFOs.

JSE has issued a directive to Grand Parade Investments, which communicates it to its shareholders.

Grand Parade did not follow the instructions, JSE said.

Grand Parade is the franchisee Burger King, Dunkin & Donuts and Baskin-Robbins in South Africa.

Money Show& Quot; S & quot ;. Bruce Whitfield André Visser, CEO of JSE.

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It's an unusual set of facts that we have to consider. There is a special process that follows … We decided to do this unusual step …

André Visser, JSE

The company has its reasons why it did not publish the information … If we look at the fact that we did not see the reason to postpone …

André Visser, JSE

Our job is to remain completely impartial … and disseminate information at an appropriate time …

André Visser, JSE

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