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The epic games reportedly did not pay the winners of the Fortnite Australian Open

Some of the best players from the January Fortnite Australian Open still have to pay for Epic and now people are looking for an answer.

The Australian Open tennis tournament also had a Fortnite tournament that set top Australian players against each other.

Epic's $ 500,000 prize pool for this event was the largest Australian esports event in the country's history.

Renegade's X2 Twins Jesse won a Fortnite solo tournament and earned him $ 100,000.

Some Australian Open competitors seem to have paid, and Epic says the prize money is not their responsibility.

Australian open money

One player named "ttvLeftRightGN" participated in the Australian Open Summer Smash and placed it in the final, earning him $ 1,000 AUD.

He even qualified for the finals, earning him more money, but not yet paid.

ttvLeftRightGN has included the thread on the subfolder FortniteBR explains his story side:

"3 months have passed since the end of the event [DAYS]. There are about 20 people who were not paid with total earning over $ 100,000 combined as shown in quick list We tried to get together for someone in the epic, but we were all ignored when we tried to make contact. [has] happened as evidence. "

One player went directly to Epic after 90 days, but it was said that "the tournament was not organized and sponsored by Epic Games. In this case, you should contact tournament organizers and ask for help regarding your problem. "

Players who participated in the Australian Open teamed up to get paid, and Epic still seems to owe participants around $ 187,000 AUD.

Epic Games have not yet made a statement on this issue, but we will keep you informed of the new information.

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