The largest salary survey in South Africa – that's what people earn

Career published a comprehensive overview of salaries for 2018, showing what South Africans currently earn in more than 100 job categories in 10 major industries.

The salary report contains the latest top salary information in the country and regional differences in the monthly reward. It is based on actual salary offers on the CareerJunction website for the period from May to November 2018.

Late control focuses specifically on the salary range for middle and higher levels, which kills 10 fields.

These salary series represent a monthly remuneration for "company costs" and serve only as an indication of the average salary offer for each job, the group said.

The salaries below are broken down by sector and include average regional differences in remuneration. BusinessTech highlights employment with the highest and lowest salaries – although it should be noted that wages are in range and will vary according to seniority and skill levels.

** Indicates where wage information was unavailable due to low demand for these skills on the market.

Admin, office and support

  • Highest paid: Health, Safety and the Environment – R36,264
  • Lowest paid: Rack and Reception – R9,119

Architecture and Engineering

  • Highest paid: Civil Engineering – R70,826
  • Lowest paid: Technical technician / draftsman – R20,943

Construction and construction work

  • Highest paid: Civil Engineering – R78,264
  • Lowest paid: Metal, iron, steel and reinforcement parts – R19,833


  • Highest paid: Financial Management – R79,002
  • Lowest paid: Financial Services Consultancy – R13,567

Information Technology

  • Highest paid: IT Management – R66,141
  • Lowest paid: System and Network Administration – R27,667

Production and assembly

  • Highest paid: Device Management – R72,583
  • Lowest paid: Installation and production – R15,333


  • Highest paid: Marketing Management – R56,275
  • Lowest paid: Brand Assistance – R13,451

Medical and health

  • Highest paid: Pharmacologist – R46,025
  • Lowest paid: Pharmaceutical Assistant – R13,700


  • Highest paid: Sales Management – R52,890
  • Lowest paid: Sales report – R11,953

Storage and logistics

  • Highest paid: Logistics Management – R52,048
  • Lowest paid: Send and Receive – R9,354

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