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Vegan diets are the most balanced and satisfying blood sugar, according to a study

If you feel the best, the balance between blood sugar and maintaining a healthy weight – while full and full of strength – are the top priorities. Fortunately, scientists may have found the best diet that meets all these goals at once.

It took only one vegan meal for participants in a recent study to get all kinds of health-promoting rewards – all thanks to the support of healthy intestinal hormones. In addition to feeling full and maintaining a healthy weight, these hormones increase insulin sensitivity and body's ability to use sugar.

But how do we know that these hormones really took advantage of the power of the plants? Researchers kept the same amount of calories and macronutrients in all the dishes they ate, regardless of whether they went to the plant or had some meat and cheese. This means that the only real difference between what the participants ate were the presence of animal products.

Immediately after a meal, those who ate vegetarian dishes had higher levels of good intestinal hormones and were more likely to feel satisfied and satisfied.

These feelings full of abdomen can come from all the fibers packed in herbal food. The fiber slows food digestion and is associated with lower levels of heart disease and reduced gastrointestinal disturbances.

Still need to convince? Eating a vegan diet, even occasionally, has a huge benefit for the planet. If diving into vegans seems to be somewhat daunting, start small by changing several meals a week for those that are plant. With such strong health and planetary benefits, it can be useful to try.

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