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VW brings beach buggy – with battery

Wolfsburg – Anyone who spent some time on the coast, especially in ancient times, will be introduced to the buggy or dune beach, as is known from other parts of the world.

Basically, a chassis and a Beetle with a glass-body side that freed its spirit from the boredom of everyday motoring (and any worries you might have about sea air and corrosion), these strollers were popular with crowds of surfers in many parts of the world, including South Africa .

Now Volkswagen wants to use this nostalgia as well as the Millennium Beetle as well as the production version Buzz ID a concept that translates all of the hippy Kombi vibrations into a futuristic package of electric vehicles.

The same applies to the new concept dune buggy, which will be held at the Geneva Motor Show in early March at the Geneva Motor Show.

Although it has not yet been confirmed for production, Volkswagen has created it to show that its upcoming MEB platform for fully electric cars is flexible enough to accommodate lower volumes of vehicles like this – so our suspicion is that eventually it will get green light if the public gets quite excited about the show car.

Like the strollers of the 1960s and 1970s, the modern structure has open side sills and no solid roof or doors, although there is a large targa-style rollbar to protect the inhabitants who incorrectly judge their topography of the dune. Big wheels with off-road tires were also evaluated.

"The cat is more than a car, it's vibration and energy on four wheels," says VW designer Klaus Bischoff.

"These attributes are embodied in the new e-buggy, which shows how modern, unconventional classics can look, and more than anything else, the emotional bond that electrical mobility can create."

There is no word about how much it does, but due to the amount of instantaneous torque offered by modern electric motors the performance should be more than worthy.

If it ever came into production, the stroller would be part of a large family of electric cars that would start in 2020 with a new hatchback with the size of golf, followed by a modern-looking transition, MPV inspired by the Kombi and eventually the sedan.

These three concept cars represent us how the future family of Volkswagen electric cars will look like.

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