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Winners and losers in the Premier League


Rafael Benitez
Not every supervisor needs to see the challenge challenger as your call. Just as Sam Allardyce has misjudged his own ability when he talked about winning a pair with Real Madrid or Intero, neither Rafael Benitez best suits the league's top. Real failed, struggling with Intere, and even his greatest success when the manager of Liverpool was assured as an outsider. Instead, Benitez is best when he can take the club to his luck, bring fanatical support to his vision and make the club far better than his components.

There is a photo of Benitez, taken before Angel of the North, and it's a nice pose. For fans of Newcastle United Benitez has taken on this exact role. When there is nothing else to believe, my back is. In this respect, Benitez is clearly the old school head. If he regularly meets with the owner and is very happy to play a political game, it is because he develops such passion from those who support him that he has a strong negotiating position.

Benitez is far from a perfect manager – who is he? – but there is little better way to organize a defense that would prevent a high opposition. Late Tuesday night, resigned Pep Guardiola admitted that his Manchester City team was unable to deal with Newcastle midfielder. These midfielders have signed £ 1.5m (Isaac Hayden) and Academy graduate (Sean Longstaff).

In the age of hot shots, many will accuse Benitez of parking by bus. But that's not true. Benitez's plan is to prevent opposition from positional discipline and defensive unity. The offensive plan must be highly effective and take maximum advantage of all the opportunities that come. It was good enough to beat Manchester City, and Newcastle also defeated Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham under Benitez.

It could be enough if Newcastle's heads were kept above the water. Last year, Benitez scored 14 points from its first 18 games and took advantage of a quiet schedule without scattering the Cup so that Newcastle could make a tenth in the second half of the season. Newcastle won 13 points from the first 16 league games this season and played 11 out of eight games after Huddersfield and Burnley had two more visitors to St James Park. It happened again.

One just hopes the Newcastle United hierarchy will eventually appreciate what the fans are realizing: they are lucky to have it. If he can defeat Manchester City with a starting XI, worth 40 million pounds, imagine what he could do with a little faith.

Bournemouth has played nine league games against the Big Six teams in the past 364 days before Wednesdays. Their results in these matches? Nine straight defeats scored five times and admitted he was a huge 29. This is some way to end the routine.

David Brooks
Probably the season's player between the Premier League break. Surely a deal with the season. If one black stamp on Eddie Howe's biography was his transfer market plunges, signing Brooks for £ 15m was a masterstroke.

Sean Longstaff
Newcastle's triumph against Manchester City was a team effort, but Longstaff, who is damn pretty, deserves some praise. He never started the game in the Premier League three weeks ago, but was excellent against Chelsea (defeat 2-1) and victory over Cardiff and City.

On Tuesday, Longstaff took Kevin de Bruyne and David Silva so well that Guardiola admitted he had no answer. Just another English kid thought he had a chance.

Aleksandar Mitrovic and Fulham
Mitrovic is a footballer. You never know what you are going to do, but you choose him every week in the hope that you will have six. At clubs up in the league, where reliability and consistency are all, Mitrovic upsets his manager.

But football with billiards could be the only thing to save Fulham. Claudio Ranieri's big plan was for his team to be safer at the back but inevitably lost part of his assault force. With Arsenal, Burnley, and Tottenham defeating in January, Ranieri has learned that Fulham is so weakly defensive by not allowing them to admit their goals.

So why not throw cubes, throw the player forward and hope the attack clicks? If it fails, Fulham will admit to two and three and occasionally lose. But if it works and Mitrovic gets support around him that he desires, Fulham can get enough points to get him safe. They certainly had too much for Brighton to be released by the opponent.

For us neutral, Fulham playing in the state of famous chaos promises to be a wonderful watch. It's a risky strategy, but what choice do they have?

Tottenham, still looking for a way
Last week, UEFA published a report containing wages accounts for the largest European clubs. In this report it was found that Tottenham has a wage fee equal to 44% of Manchester City and only 15 million more than Crystal Palace.

Let's put it another way: You could double the wages of each individual Tottenham player and could buy seven new players for GBP 100,000 a week and Spurs would still have lower payroll costs.

Mauricio Pochettino is not perfect, but he deserves to sit on the most critical criticism some decide to throw on him. If his lack of deliberate desire to win the FA Cup or EFL Cup disappoints little, you can see his point. When moving to a new stadium, it is vitally important for Tottenham to have the Champions League next season. This must be a priority.

For all the worries over Tottenham's thin-handed paper division, Pochettino somehow managed to keep my head above the water. This is seven points for the fourth, two points behind Manchester and on Saturday after lunch it can temporarily go four points from the top of the Premier League.

They can only be listed as winners after prolonging their lead in the middle week, but Jurgen Klopp wakes up Thursday morning with a regret that is filled with his good spirit. Generosity is unnecessary during the title sprint and Liverpool has given the opportunity to capture full control.

It's hardly a catastrophic situation, but it's been over a month since the Klopp team won the game with any comfort. Faith will be tested. The nerves will be crushed. Repeat one point for me.

Eleven points in the last five league matches that took 14 in the previous 24. Sean Dyche needed to find a way to stop the rot and take Burnley out of trouble. He remembered that Tom Heaton appeared to have done a trick.

Raul Jimenez
Jimenez is an exciting center forward, one who can skip a chance on the edge in a minute and then do something wonderful in the next. While leading in front as a lone center in the front is not easy in the first season in English football, the Mexican deserves a lot of credits. Only 12 players in the league have contributed more goals and assists, and several of the attackers have scored more than their five goals. It is time for the loan to move.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette
For everything that is not yet fixed in this long-term reconstruction of Arsenal, Unai Emery is potentially the first two world levels. Aubameyang and Lacazette have 33 goals and are among them only in the Premier League.

"I think we did a lot of running, a lot of work for the team, we worked a lot, and of course we are happy to play together, because we have such a good feeling among us." It was great, "Aubameyang said in a pair when they both scored against Cardiff.

"Why not [can’t we play together]? Best regards, I hope that if you have an attacker like Alex with you, he's really good with him. I hope we will play next games together. "

Do it so, Unai. The two can cover a great deal of sins. And for the Arsenal fans who criticize Aubameyang for missing a chance despite his 25 points in 37 Premier League matches, think. It's not a computer game – perfection is not possible.

Marco Silva
The kindness I needed, with all the guts and grinding that they took after the release of Lucas Digne. Before Tuesday, Everton lost his last three matches to Brighton, Southampton and Millwall. Their record in all competitions under Silva: P12 W2, D3, L7. They had one clean sheet.

Now Silva and Everton are back to the eighth. Other opponents are Watford, Cardiff, Newcastle, West Ham and Fulham. Improvements must be maintained.

Leicester's famous nonsense
The worst kind of team for a weekly column that moves between perfection against higher teams and chaotic mess against those who could reasonably expect to beat. Scary idiots.


Maurizio Sarri
In 2016, Antonio Conte read out a hostile act for his stubborn Chelsea players after the painful defeat of Arsenal. At this point, the new Italian manager Chelsea was under considerable pressure so soon in his reign. Conte's stringy words prompted rejuvenation in the form of Chelsea, which won them into the Premier League title.

In 2019, Sarri read a hostile act for his unsuccessful Chelsea players after the painful defeat of Arsenal. At that time, the new Italian manager Chelsea was under considerable pressure so soon under his rule. Sarri's tough words sparked an immediate reaction. Chelsea lost another 4-0 to Bournemouth.

We do not want to come back: this was a humiliating defeat, Chelsea is the worst for 23 years in the hands of a manager who could be considered Chelsea's work in an alternative reality. Chelsea has a lack of penetration, amazingly a thousand side passes. If Eden Hazard does not call a moment of miracle, Chelsea will not win matches. The equation becomes so simple.

The lack of a spark in the middle field has a damaging effect as it forces Chelsea's full backward forward. This is acceptable in 3-4-3 formation, but with the central defense of two men you risk being left exposed. Howe said after the match that it was Bournemouth's exact plan. Keep it in the middle of the pitch, let Chelsea get frustrated and then clean it.

After completing the game, Sarri re-launched and held his players in the cloakroom for 45 minutes with employees being asked to stand outside. Sarri told the waiting media that his players did not even learn the basics of their football and said they were not interested in Higuain's start.

If that's true, it will test Chelsea's commitment to a long-term project after years of successful short-term development. This club has melted between periods of decline and riches, but has never been completed outside the four fastest season under the leadership of Robert Abramovich. It's just sitting there.

Manchester City and the bastards
It seems a bit absurd, for Manchester City has won the last six games with a cumulative score of 28-0, but these performances in sleep really start to wear Pep Guardiola.

Against Huddersfield, when City finally won 3-0, City scored early and then had a time of 30 minutes in which they were unnecessarily negligent. The bands were lost, the players did not check the ball, the chances were trapped. Guardiola was happy to admit he was deeply upset, which caused half the time.

On Tuesday, the message did not get. Manchester City scoring in 25 seconds and widening the lead in the first half. But as the second goal failed to land, Manchester City worsened. Guardiola will consider his team as particularly unhappy that he could admit that there were two Newcastle hits on the target, but it should not be left to chance.

There are two theories about what undermines the performance of the city in the midst of games. The first is that the city has been ruined by regularly changing occupations due to club wounds this season, which, combined with a flow of satisfaction that is impossible to avert after taking the lead against the inferior team, causes immersion.

The second explanation is that the city suffered such outages during the Guardiola government and before, but their effect was offset by the momentum of magic usually produced by Sergio Aguero or Kevin de Bruyne. Evidence to back up the point lies in the number of points City has won in the last minutes of league matches last season. And yes, I criticize the one who scored 100 points.

Gonzalo Higuain
Shot – 0
Goal Shot – 0
Chances emerged – 0
Heads won – 0

Fans of Chelsea were afraid of Higuain in the 62th minute, but that was not a surprise. He looks heavier, looks lethargic and has to learn how to work in a new team, a new league, and a new country at the age of 31. It's not a good start.

Manchester United
First mistake of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's reign
, but that was not the reason why the Manchester United fan was dirty in your life on Wednesday morning. Liverpool has never been a shorter prize to win the Premier League title as they are right now. The enemy is climbing for a short while and the ladder does not have enough grease to get out.

Cardiff City
Really terrible week. Football is not an issue in the context of the tragic death of Emilian Saly, but of course it does. Football is our escape from life fury, and fans from Cardiff City have traveled to their ranks in the Emirates to take a hold of the Hall. The club and their supporters treated the tragedy impeccably.

But the sport continues and provides a small tonnage. If Arsenal was expected to lose on Tuesday, Fulham, Newcastle, Burnley and Southampton / Crystal Palace took 10 points. Neil Warnock's team has a great deal of trouble.

Suddenly in little trouble, after the beautiful first half of the season. Since defeating Crystal Palace in the derby on December 4, Brighton has won five points from nine games. Today they have only seven points ahead of Cardiff in 18th place. Another five home games (Watford, Burnley, Huddersfield, Cardiff and Southampton) should see Brighton avoid. But take seven points or less and nerves can still shake in April and May.

Liverpool's meeting
The first man will hit the first man. The second is exaggerated. The third is shortened, probably due to unnecessary waste. The fourth hit again the first man. I have seen Liverpool live seven times this season and each game contains enough badly delivered sets that will make you mad at a team you do not even support. Perhaps Liverpool's trainer could take corners and free kicks.

West Ham is a famous nonsense
The worst kind of team for a weekly column that moves between perfection against higher teams and chaotic mess against those who could reasonably expect to beat. Scary idiots.

Daniel Storey

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