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A theft or attempted suicide: A 20-year-old boy was carried on a train in Quilmes and his legs were amputated

Joel Navarro He is 20 years old, playing Don Bosco's Freedom Club, and yesterday morning he is fighting for his life in the Iriarte de Quilmes Hospital. Minutes after leaving his home on Uriburu and Juncal Street to go to the kiosk where he worked, he was taken by the Roca Railroad train and was seriously injured: he suffered scratches on one leg and one leg and the strong abdominal pain that caused the damage vessels.

After his cousin had helped him, the same ambulance led him to a medical center where he had to amputate both limbs and serve him twice. When he lost a lot of blood, he had to calm him down and his condition was critical. However, at this point, there is a story where confusion begins, since the official version is diametrically different from the introduction of Joel's family,

On his way to the hospital, a young man at the age of 20 managed to solve his uncle, named Raúl Alberti, that two men took their shoes. It was that the family began to promote justice because they claim that Navarro was the victim of a robbery and that as a final result he was hospitalized in a critical condition. According to the story of several of his relatives, the victim was approached by two motorcycles who took off their shoes. Since Joel had the money in his backpack, he said he wanted to escape the thieves, did not realize the training was coming and he was overturned.

Judicial sources said Infobae that the statement offered by motorcycle, 27-year-old youth, denies what the family says. According to the driver, at one point, he observed that Navarro was "in clear intentions to take his own life" and touched the corner so that he could move. As Joel ignored, and because of the speed at which he was driving, it was impossible to stop the train's march, which overpowered him.

The same version was provided by an assistant engineer who said that when they came from the Constitution to Quilmes, when they crossed the curve of a crossroads with Lomas de Zamora, about 100 meters away, they watched the person standing next to the track (Joel). They wanted to warn him, the young man went in front of the locomotive and could not avoid the tragedy through the brake. According to the witness, "this person has been suicidal at the same time, and because of her experience with many similar accidents."

The uncle, who accompanied the victim to the hospital, stayed with the backpack on which the young man had a wrist watch, cellphone and cash, which was then given to María Luz, Joel's mother. "I never thought they were asking for justice for my son, we were tired of insecurity," said a woman who also criticized that episodes of this type are always in an accident because "there is a bad signaling."

One of the aunt said that on Friday, his nephew is preparing to travel to Villa Gesell, "to first meet the sea," and therefore declined the hypothesis of suicide. "Someone who plans their vacation, I do not think he has plans to take his own life," he said. To save life, the family calls for blood donors urgently. Who can help, should contact Iriarte Hospital.

The cover of the case is at the moment "guilty injuries" and the Quilmes UFI 22 Department of Justice, which took care of Bárbara Velazco, who is currently analyzing security cameras to find out if Joel had actually escaped the robbery or wanted to take his life.

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