A woman shot in Tolosa: "I thought my partner would change" Chronicle

Soledad and Ciro, in happy times.

Soledad Andrea Marcos He declared at the 6th Police Station in La Plata for more than an hour and gave details of everything that happened in the house where he lived beside Juan Cruz Chirino, at the age of 27, the three children who shared a Ciro, from a previous relationship that killed 16 storks by the aforementioned subject.

Last Tuesday, the city of Buenosairean Tolosa lived more than eight eight light disturbances after Chirino kills a small white gun, and soon shoots to his mother. After blocking himself, he made his life a shot.

In this way, the woman showed deep pain before she uniformed herself with her partner's problems of violence "They stood for a long time", and because of this situation I condemned him so much "2015 and 2016, but I came back with it because I thought it would change",

Meanwhile, he remembered that on the day of the crime, Chirino awoke "at 5.30 or 5.45 in the morning and it seemed strange he went back to bed dressed up," while he went to the bathroom and "He saw the shadow and right after the explosion"Later, murderer he talked to a friend about WhatsApp and then killed with a hit on the head.

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This shocking noise was the shot that the attacker gave to Soledad in his face and was made with a 32-caliber revolver belonging to his grandfather and held by his father until Chirino had obtained it without permission, sources of investigation said.

It must be remembered that in the midst of this terrible situation the father of the minor immediately went to crashed,

Then, "She was locked in the bathroom and her cell phone started sending messages to all family members", published the newspaper El Día, based on police sources. Minutes later, his three other children asked him "If he died because he lay on the floor, full of blood",

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In her statement, the woman claimed that the bullet had washed her right cheekbones and that she had never lost consciousness. Thanks to this, he grabbed the creature and escaped the aggressor.

Finally, the specialists decided that little Ciro was killed by a dagger stranded in the chest, 16 point wounds and at least ten other incisions passed to him in defense-related hands.

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