After leaving "Cabita" Matías Martin said that next year will be the last of "Basta de todo" – 11/29/2018

Follow the novel Enough (From Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 5 pm with metro 95.1). Now, amidst the criticism he has made to his former partner, Eduard Cabito Massa Alcántara, Matías Martin, driver, He said the next year will be the last of the program.

"I wanted to say something," said Matías, who led the cycle for 18 years.

The friendship that broke was Martin and Cabito.

The friendship that broke was Martin and Cabito.

"I care very much, Cabito, I've never been indifferent to his situation (he placed a stomach bypass and went from weighing 180 pounds to 84 in 7 months). There are dialogues about what is happening, capturing my dialogues with my doctor, he added.

Then he confirmed the reasons for Cabita's departure from his program. "Modifications do not respond to personal questions, but to artistic questions. And they were cleared face to face. "

Martinův anger as far as Cabito is concerned with his listeners Enough, but he wrote a contribution to Instagram and spoke Pamela in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 15:30).

"Choosing an Instagram contribution and a TV show is difficult for me to understand", followed by Matías.

"There's no fight here, it's never been … It's also painful for me," he admitted.

"I was thinking that this year I will finish the program next month … "It's over Bastion"I said to everyone that they were looking at their eyes, but I could have solved it in a different way, and the program was clarified again, which can be a fuel that gives us the strength to balance the next year."

And he concluded, "Perhaps 2019 is the last year Enoughyour beloved ones Enough … ",

Cabito spoke after leaving Basta de todo (Captura TV).

Cabito spoke after leaving Basta de todo (Captura TV).

The novel began on Monday. Martin gave a story that surprised all listeners: the departure of Eduard Cabita Massy Alcántara.

"Cabito will not go on … it's a painful decision that I took as a program, group and team driver," said Matías, who did not provide any specific explanation of the departure of the historical member outside the "needed change" program and that "I felt some specific problems ".

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That's the best way I say goodbye to you. On Monday, I offered to do this in the air and I prefer that this is the way with those who follow me or those who want to read. First of all, my eternal gratitude to those dear listeners who paid me salary and caressed my soul with every greeting, every photo, every note of laughter or how the mood changes in difficult moments. It was my daily engine, my reason and the essential part of my desire for the environment. I can not help you, but I owe all the messages of love, respect and solidarity that I have received both days (from friends, colleagues from other radio programs, from their drivers, from rhythm, from business, from clients and sponsors who have become friends and soldiers, quiet listeners) Answer each of them, with a lump in the throat. It is very painful for me to leave the job I love for over 15 years and over 18 in the company. The work that gave me a lot and on which I also gave a lot. But that's the job. It's not even a marriage or friends club. And at work, when you are useful or functional, you are part of and when you stop being, invites you to retire. And it's all right. I know I'm in debt at the moment that I did not feel like I was so laughing this year, it was a very complicated year for me that started with the death of my grandmother (the woman who lifted me), after 8 years I said goodbye , I have a lot of influence on my mood and it hurt my job. imagine the situation of a bank manager, no matter what happens in your house, judge your performance x is the job and that too. Also, many months ago, I informed that at the end of the year, my participation in the program was over, there was no doubt that the mood changed. First it ended at the end of the year, after the end of November and then asked me to be on Friday when the party ended, so I did not go to the stage to jump and dance with a group because it celebrated and my hands were empty as my heart, I thought that I have nothing to celebrate. follow …

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After listening to listeners' support, Cabito told Instagram: "It is very painful for me to leave the job I have loved for more than 15 years and for over 18 years in society, and I have also given him a lot." And then "But this is a job, it is not a marriage, not a friendly club, and at work, when you are useful or functional, you are part of and when you stop being, you are invited to retire, and it is good, that's it. "

He also apologized for being "boring" lately because of his health problems and his recent separation.

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