After touching 48% of inflation in 2018, the first CPI of the year is now known

It should be recalled that annual inflation in 2018 reflects the instability of the exchange rate experienced by our country, with the dollar rising more than 100% against the peso.

According to the study by Orlando Ferreres y Asociados, ice inflation was 2.5% a month, while "there was a slight increase in growth rates in hand with an increase in regulated services".

In this sense, the survey calculated that the items with the largest increase were various assets with 5.8%, recreation by 4.6%, increase in cigarettes and prices of the tourism sector.

The loyal foundation also estimated inflation 2.5% in the city of Buenos Aires, forecasting a deposit between February 2,1% and 2,4%.

Meanwhile, consultant Elypsis published the inflation forecast for the first month of the year and coincided with the number 2.5% and believes the year will end with a 30% increase in retail prices.

Eventually, the Scalabrini Ortiz Study Center calculated the price increase for January to 2.85%,

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