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Alfaro and an incredible story about his short stay at the club

Gustavo Alfaro has a long career for Argentine football. From its beginnings in Rafael Attic Technical Director targeting thirteen different teams. Twelve of them were in Argentina, so he knows our football like no one else. Now he has a great chance at Xeneize, where he tried to capture reality at his best time pointing at the Arsenal de Sarand or even in his latest hurricane invasion.

In an interview with CNN, the technical director of the company Mouth I talked about the moment he must live. This from Boca is a personal challenge. I feel privileged because I'm working on what I want. That's my passion and what I like. Fulfill the dream I gave to my father, who will be leading the Argentine football giants, "said Xeneize's technical director, trying to defeat defeat in the Copa Libertadores final.

The coach He began to get acquainted with the clubs he was with, and he remembered Olympus, where he had two incredible situations. For the first time, I was in the club for 22 days since I took over. The president came and when he wanted to save things, I said, "To have problems in two to three months, we will end up in. I can not work under these conditions." To build a device under your premises, I have no problem. "So I left in the middle of preseason , "he said. Alfaro,

However, the second joke in the club bahiense It's still unusual. "I had to get out of the box and be kicked out," Marcel Longobardi, the interviewer, told the surprise coach. "Four years later, in a championship with 25 teams, it was seven and Olympus was 24. The President came to me and said," Who is that team, you or me?

Encrguese about giving me the budget to build my equipment, "he added in his story, the current xeneize coachAnd, all year round, we ended up in Primera. We met after the defeat of the Instituto, we all wept in the cloakroom, and the next day the president called me home and said, "Mir Gustavo, I want to tell you that I will kick you up and you will not go on, you are the best of the national B but not the level that would go to first, "concluded the story Alfaro, which could not drive Aurinegro in the maximum category.

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