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An unusual request from Gil Perego from prison

Gilad "Nicolás" Gil Pereg, imprisoned in San Felipe, charged with a murder degraded by his mother's mum and his aunt, Pyréa Sarusi and Lily Pereg, has left 37 cats of his property in front of the Guaymallén Cemetery. Today, however, he has asked to choose 10 and take them to prison.

Far from what has been said, the Israeli people did not kill or kill cats, according to sources that were consulted MDZ, but he has a special passion for them. If you do not bring the 10 native cats you ask for, you will start hunting and threaten it.

The point is, the strike started yesterday, but it was interrupted when a private lawyer who plans to rent came up. During a conversation, according to sources approaching the situation, he was unable to talk about the effects of lack of fluid consumption on a day with 43 degrees of thermal perception. He broke the hunger strike and took a lot of water. Now, however, cats make a condition, although she has already told the prosecutor's office that she is "every four days".


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