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Another claim of the Fund to support Argentina in the United States

Vulture Funds returned the court to make a verdict against the Argentine state. This time is a claim on unpaid coupons linked to GDP, a type of debt instrument that has distributed dividends to investors as a result of the growing economy. The Aurelius Fund, which has already made further claims against the country, He filed a lawsuit in New York to pay $ 82 million to the government.

PBI vouchers are a type of debt instruments issued by the government in 2005 and 2010, which they believe promise to their incomes as the gross product of the country. This bond was originally offered as a swap to those who had in 2001 bonds that had failed.

In view of the strong growth in economic activity after the crisis, these bonds paid out dividends between 2005 and 2011 in all years except in 2009, when the recession occurred. Since this year, the stagnation of the economy has not allowed the payment of this bond to investors.

In a lawsuit filed Monday, Vulture Aurelius filed a lawsuit in New York with a $ 797m worth of PBI coupons, demanding a balance for 2013, despite the fact that the government's official decision is not valid for a year because economic growth was not enough to divide dividends.

Under the leadership of Mark Brodk, Aurelius – one of the most aggressive funds against the Argentinean state in recent years – argued in New York that the government owed him $ 83.7 million for the unpaid balances to be updated interest rates.

The fund in question was already filed in US courts with the NML Fund as the leader of the debt claim, which he repaid in 2001. After years of litigation and unsuccessful negotiations with Kirchner's government, the agreement has already led Maurice Macri1 to report to Aurelian earnings for 254% of the original amount.

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