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Another foreign motorcycle was arrested: a ban on entering Argentina was released in less than 24 hours

Police from the city police traveled in the area when at Calle Virrey Liniers in 900 watched two men on a motorcycle, When they noticed the police presence, they made a striking maneuver and hid behind a parked truck.

This attitude caught the attention of the police, who turned to identify the suspects. When the data was consulted, the system showed it the driver of a motorcycle, a Uruguayan citizen for 36 years, had an obstacle to entering the country with the expulsion if it was found.

The request was submitted by the National Criminal Court No. 4 by Marcelo Peluzzi.

Also, his companion also registered the current theft order.

Detainees were transferred to the local Police Station 5B and placed at the disposal of the Court of Justice. National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 62 intervened in an incident that was entrusted to Patricia Guichandut, who ordered the release of both suspects.

The case of a Colombian motorcycle that was released after paying 700 pesos

Jurado Mora, 25, came to the country more than three months ago, and never left. Last Tuesday, January 22, stole a mobile phone from a young 18-year-old woman who was expecting to cross the light on Avenida La Plata to 100. The killer who was aboard the Bajaj Dominar 400 motorcycle killed Iphone 7 and escaped all speeds.

The thief was arrested by police station police station 5A police several blocks after a short persecution, which ended after he had done a bad maneuver and hit the car.

In his native Colombia, Jurado Mora has an important criminal record: in 2011 he was convicted of a "spoiled robbery", in 2016 he was open for domestic violence, and in 2017 he was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months to trade arms in his country.

On the basis of the Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor's Order No. 54, who was commissioned by Olivieri, he was charged with an "attempted theft of a motorcycle" after being arrested. Second day, National Criminal Court No. 62, which is in charge of Patricia Susan Guichandut, filed a case against Jurada Mora for a "pre-emptive robbery" and gave her probation.

For this, the judge has imposed in an abridged lawsuit the obligation to meet four conditions: to regularize their situation in migration, every month in the control area and in the directorate of criminal enforcement, to consume drugs or alcohol for one year and to compensate the Theft Victim with 700 dollars. So Jurado Mora regained freedom on Thursday.

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