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"Asco gives me everything you do …" A very strong cross between Sol Pérez and Ángel de Brito!

Sol Perez lives very hard at personal and working levels, because what began as a tiny discussion with Lourdes Sánchez has become a really hot conflict where the amount of insurrection that is being exchanged for all involved in the conflict is increasing over the course of days, so Marcelo Tinelli tried to stop the fight without luck.

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In short, woman Chato Prada accused a "weather girl" of wanting her son's death, which sparked a huge dispute, centered around Los Angeles de la mañana, Angel de Brito, where he quickly focused on commenting on every spoken word and expressing the opinion that the sculptor did not like it at all, as evidenced by a number of frightening Twitter accounts.

"Lourdes Sanchez will have to recover, to think that I wanted the death of the child to become a victim who mocked the death of a real dog, how ugly he enjoyed his son in this way"

"I will not allow them to give me words in my mouth that I have never said, but to think that I wished the death child was no longer a joke, it seems to me that all the time you live, covers the lying. people in bottles. "

"I think I attacked Chipi, he invented that I was saying old vegetables to the apartment, I invented a sound invention that I did not care about my dog, and he died and mocked the death of the dog for malformation." (sic)

"When I reported the harassment in the program, she said," Sol Perez was looking at everybody there, always thinking, always challenging. "He went to his family, ridiculed the death of a dog, and now I invented that I wanted his son to die." (Sic)

"Would you like to be connected with the child's intention to die and put a mouth that you did not say? in any case I will not bank it. "(sic)

The conflict has now added a new element because Sol seriously cracked Ángel de Brito, who did not hesitate to answer:

what resistance does it give me, I'll take what you do. I was considered a drug addict today, they told me … and they gave me the words in my mouth that I did not say. Besides, you do not have to try … What a pity that the producer company has this program in the air. "

Ángel de Brito: "You cancel the front brake Do not be ignorant Look at this before you write nasty. Stop distorting ALL. "

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