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Barbie Velez wanted to kill? I know what they say

Nazarena Vélez a Federico Bal the endless media war began. After a shocking statement, Carmen Barbieri made a drastic turn. Last Thursday, Fede's mother said in a note that you must see: "Would you like your daughter to jump out of the balcony and save her?" Immediately released the version Barbie Vélez I'd try to commit suicide.

Then Angel De Brito – I received on a spoon – was looking for the writings of both charges (one Federica and that Barbie) and read them in angels morning. Although they are very different, none of them have attempted suicide. First, journalist Balo said. "On Saturday, April 30, I went to work on a bowling alley, and until that moment I had a little contact with Barbie for the whole week that lived in her mother's home for separation, she still had things at home," De Brito began.

"Two weeks ago he told me that he had a 15-day delay," the reporter said. "This is part of the discussion, she was very afraid of her, and she bought her a pregnancy test she never wanted to use," said LAM. Then she explained that her daughter Naza had written to her director Nally the other day in a bowling alley where she was drunk and was very drunk. Among her friends was Cande Ruggeri, he was in another with his friends.

After returning from the party, Fede met with Barbie in the building, crying unhappily and with a broken phone: she had just confirmed her friend's story with Laurita Fernández. That's how the fight started. There it was. "She took her boot and began to smash the plasma and then hit her, then picked up acetone and started throwing it on the bag and floor of the room, took the lighter and lit the floor, went to the bathroom, burned the fire and she regained it," he added.

"He managed to take it, took her arm (there were bruises there) and sat down on the floor," he continued reading. "He asked her: How do we solve it? We call the police, the firemen …" he continued. According to Santiago Bal, the girl calmed down, went to bed and slept. "She was convinced he had cheated her and asked her to call Dancing Producers and resign." The second day of the day was complicated.

The story of Barbie was another. "He observed that he had exchanged messages with another woman and told him that these messages would tell a few of this woman, Fed Hoppe, Bal took her arm and shook her, then threw her into the closet and threw things in his face. as a woman, "Angel said. "At this he tried to retreat and scream but Bal caught her neck and hit the wall, and at the same time told him he did not want to hit him but the worst one came out, Bal asked if he slept with him, from which he agreed to fear When he woke up, his partner went swimming and took the opportunity to leave the place, "he continued.

"She added that the relationship with Bale was always unhealthy, with many jealousies, arguments, both of which were very wealthy, and on one previous occasion he was hanging her in bed and had a history of violence with his previous partner, I had problems with habits," the moderator concluded.

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