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Battlefield V features Lightning War, the second expansion of which is full of free content and rewards

It does not have to be long-promised Battle Royale mode, but EA and DICE continue to bet on improving Battlefield in the experience of expanding its history and content. And although it is a free DLC available to all players, will come loaded with news,

The beginning of this expansion will come this week adds new team squad, new team, more weapons and vehicles, and returns Assault mode. And from February we will be able to fight in WWII DICE with combined weapons.

And nothing like a new trailer that would welcome all the above and introduced by the way Chapter 2: The flash of war.

This one Chapter 2: Flash Warfare assumes return and new operations, so besides the Assault mode, we can extend our single player design to a new big startup operation and a promise of new experience with the sequel to the chapter.

It's about Patrol Conquest confrontation of 16 players divided by the eight teams that take place on the maps Arras, Hamada and Rotterdam,







Basically, these are relatively small scenarios, respectively. Restricted to headquarters and limited access to vehicles. Target? Increase the intensity of games and increase their tactics.

To do this, we have to add weapons, which will be available as a reward for the weekly calls in January and February, three of which were revealed:

  • Submachine gun Zk-383 (medical class)
  • Semèutomatic rifle Modèle 1944 (Assault class)
  • Middle Machine Gun M1922 (Support Class)

Although the content comes, The flash of war is the second large programmed extension that will follow Fire Examination from March.


Of course, the actual claims of the next update will be Battle storm, the long-awaited Battlefield Royale Battlefield style.


For the time being, Battlefield V will receive a new series of content and rewards from January 17, with nuances: The Conquest mode will only be available from January 17 to January 30. It's time to go back to the queue.

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