Cecilia Milone said Juan Darthés called her to dismiss Anita Coaccic

Sunday 10 February 2019 16:33

Waiting for a return Juan Darthés to Argentina, Cecilia Milone she admitted that the actor had called her after a complaint about the harassment made by the actress Anita Coacci,

After remembering at the table Mirtha Legrand who shared work Darthés twice, Milone he said he preferred "Be very careful in everything we think or say."

The actress and singer explained she was a friend Coacci and set his clear position. When Mirtha he asked Darkenes he called her to defend him, Milone he remarked "It was not like that." "Anita (Coacci) mentioned me in a note from the Intruders for something I told her. He called me, but I did not participate, and when I was calm, I called him."

"He told me," I want to tell you the truth with this girl, "and I said I already got my version and I believe Ana", said the actress.

"I told her to stay calm that I would not talk to you, but I do not say I do not believe Anita because I believe her", he added.

Scandal with Darthés it was unleashed when Thema Fardin, together with the collective Actrices Argentinas, convicted him of rape. An allegation of harassment was added Calu Rivero, Anita Coacci and Natalia Juncos.

Juan Darthés and Cecilia Milone
Juan Darthés and Cecilia Milone.

Source: https://www.eltrecetv.com.ar/videos/almorzando-con-mirtha-legrand/cecilia-milone-conto-que-juan-darthes-la-llamo-por-la-denuncia_109773


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