CGT will not call strike, but asks all private companies to charge $ 5,000 – 08/11/2018

The 5,000 pesos bonus that CGT negotiated with the government with the government and then extended to the businessmen's table was a tool that deactivated the strike this never happened to Carlosa Acuña, one of the secretaries-general, after the act of the Loyalty Day in Tucuman.

The head of service station employees was rejected by the plenary session of the workplace. At the end of the meeting, engineer Omar Maturano was the first driver to drop the power. CGT, however, wants to renegotiate some points of the draft decree, which was interviewed by the Azopardo headquarters.

Already collective Roberto Fernandez, one of the leaders who has the key to ensuring the efficiency of the strike, has warned against a small predisposition to unemployment.

The CGT admits that the bonus is only available to the private sector, with the exception of domestic and rural workers, with special schemes. While standing, Andrés Rodríguez, head of UPCN, renegotiating these hours and restoring parity. Discussions still ongoing as to whether workers from the state companies will receive a bonus.

"With this decree, we expect that the President's signature must be 5000 pesos in hand a worker who can turn the turn of consumption, "said hector Daer, koequipiper Acuña in the lead.

Yesterday afternoon Azopardo analyzed the draft decree Mauricio Macri signed in the next few hours. During the meeting, Daer acted directly with the Ministry of Production and work on the possibility of adjusting the points targeted by the work center.

The head of the health service thus sought to make the bond unprofitable for the entire private sector and paid in two equal installments, the first with November salaries; and the other with January.

"There is no way this could be due to a common future or any other problem,, he warned after ratifying that there would be no unemployment. "It is for all sectors, for those who have updated and for those who could not reopen," Daer said. Data: For the CGT, 75% of the unions that were agreed were not jointly updated.

Can there be an exception because it does not apply? "Daer asked," He replied, "Obligation to pay; today there is over 5000 pesos, and any variables must be based on joint negotiation and that the trade union can consider this value as a basis for discussion. "And he believed the government would accept it:" It remains only by signing a decree which is an executive power because it is already under discussion. "

The Decree requires companies to inform the government in advance of an attempt to dismiss employees. It's about CGT the "guarantee" that will rule until 31 March.

"We already know that entrepreneurs do not disapprove and we have a government that has already vetoed the law against the prevention of takeover, She asked Daer to open the umbrella.

So he reconstructed this diary, there was only one crossing at the meeting. Julio Piumato, the judge, questioned the bond, hardly won the rest of the rest. Maturano has said what his colleagues think. He proposed to the court to close his parity at 40% and that no one in his sector pays a profit "there is no point in complaining"

But bargaining has caused further cracks. Teacher Sergio Romero, secretary of education policies, decided to omit the Board of Directors. Ask the bond and consider the inconvenience that you have not played a bonus for your sector.

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