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Chris Redfield is playable in the remake of Resident Evil 2

RE 2

January 25 was a holiday because, finally, Capcom has released the most anticipated remake Resident Evil 2, which landed perfectly on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. As is customary, some moderators began to tackle the game code and found that there was a complete model Chris Redfield which can even be activated for its use.

ZOMBIEALI has placed his discovery in the Resident Evil Modding Forum: full color model Chris Redfield that we saw in DLC of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. As you can see in the pictures we share below, the character may be used normally, as if Leon or his sister Claire. The amount can mean that Capcom has more content planned for this new content Resident Evil 2 which would include Chris, or maybe it was only used to test the RE Engine, which shares both games.

Next, we'll leave you with pictures to see and, of course, give us your views. By the way, the user states that Chris activation is relatively simple. If you have a PC version Resident Evil 2, you can try it by clicking here.

Chris-Redfield-1 Chris-Redfield-2 Chris-Redfield-3 Chris-Redfield

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