Confirmed: Lisandro Magalln plays in Ajax

Boca has made its first sale on the market and Gustavo Alfaro suffers first loss: defender Lisandro Magalln has agreed to his contract with Ajax and only the signature remains so that the player becomes a new player of the Dutch team. Finally, the Dutch club pays € 9 million for your ID and signs a contract for four and a half years. They are all part of the company Nicols Tagliafico,

It should be remembered that in July 2012 Magalln is sold to the club La Boca, which buys 80% of their ID card and pays $ 1.4 million. In his early months, he took part in reserve matches and, thanks to a good level he showed, he managed to concentrate on the professional team team and look a little bit behind the backdrop.

His first performance on the pitch with a professional team took place on the last day of the initial 2012 tournament against Godoy Cruz to replace Rolando Schiavi, however, they were a few seconds and he did not even have a chance to touch the ball. In addition to wearing the shirt in Xeneize, Magalln played in Gimnasia de La Plata, Rosario Central and Defensa y Justicia.

Agustn Almedra is another player in the series Ribera intended by the European team. It is about Npoli who offered 15 million euros to buy the Agustna card. However, Boca has refused it because he believes it is not enough.

In addition, Adrin Ruocco, a youth representative, was responsible for confirming that the eighteen-year-old footballer continues in the club: "No one called us and Boca did not want to sell, he did not move in January, there were no contacts, it was just a newspaper of rumors."

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