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Coppola and Claudia Villafañe go against Maradona's biopsy

Claudia Villafañe was released with "Sueño Bendito" endings, the Diego Maradona series, produced by Amazon and BTF Media, began recording last Monday.

Former wife Diez discussed the topic of the telephonic dialogue "Aliens" (America), where he said he would be willing to do another series to tell his truth. Mother Dalma and Giannina Maradona are outraged because no one has asked her permission to use her name in the aforementioned series about the life of a footballer.

But moreover, the indignation comes because it would include predictable dialogues that, according to the transcendents, would include the script of the first chapter. In "Intruders" (America), Claudia Villafañe was accurate: He explained that Diego Maradona had signed an agreement that he could not ask for anything that was said or stated in the series.

But he has nothing to do with this treaty, so he made sure that if the narrative story distorts the facts of her biography, she and her lawyer, Fernando Burlando, are considering the possibility of bringing an action. Referring to the production of "Blessed Dream" Claudia Villafañe said, "From what they said, they would not change the names of someone and leave the right one."

In this context, he revealed: "I spoke with my lawyer and are being temperized to make a lot of money and pay for all the trials that may arise." "If the things that are shown are real, you can not say anything," Claudia thought, "but if you invent, I think it's not good." In the same spirit, Guillermo Coppola, who was on the phone and agreed to talk with Claudia, said that if his series touched in any way, he would also take legal action.

Everything that has been said, Claudia Villafañe was for more: He found out that he was already offered a series with his version of what he lived with Diego Maradona. Finally, it may accept such a proposal if it considers it necessary.

As expressed in the "Alien", if "Blessed Dream" distorts their experience, Claudia Villafañe will respond with another series. "I'll have to do my story," he said, "and there I will tell the truth. If what they really do is something that does not match or I'm dirty, I'll tell the truth and Dalma will certainly play my part. "

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