Cyber ​​Monday 2020: Price History, Baratometer and Comparacity, three sites to confirm that discounts are real

Baratometer, price history and comparability – three pages for comparing product prices before Cyber ​​Monday and confirming real discounts Credit: Shutterstock

From today to Wednesday Cyber ​​Monday 2020. And as at other events, and although the organizers claim to have implemented tools to avoid “heat up”, there is a perpetual doubt: what is on sale actually has a discount, or prices have fallen compared to the sudden increase in recent days and will it end up as always?

In various stores and over time

To make sure they don’t actually offer the product at a lower price than usual, they can verify the same for some sites that compare prices in multiple stores (are part of Cyber ​​Monday or not) and that they do it regularly so they can show a historical price developmentso that stakeholders can determine that this is indeed an opportunity to pay less. It even allows you to create alerts that will alert you to sales later.

The pages are:

How this site works

In all three cases, use is very simple: websites have some selected products on the home page, but you can search for others (by brand and model) and find out which stores are currently offering them (from device chains to MercadoLibre users). ), what is the price in each of them and key data on how this price has changed in recent weeks to verify that it did not peak a few weeks ago and is now on sale for the same price I had a month ago.

Price comparison sites are not part of Cyber ​​Monday, so you will need to manually search for the make and model of the product (and verify that they are exactly the same and not similar, which could justify a different price). When they find it, these sites will show us the price of the last few weeks in the various stores they analyze.

As soon as we find out the price that seems appropriate to us, you will get from the same place to the relevant store, where it will be necessary to make a purchase under the usual measures; The basic thing about Cyber ​​Monday is the start of the tour through the official website, which will lead mainly to the sales pages of each brand.


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