"Dance 2018": Sol Pérez reveals what worries his former footballers

(Video "ShowMatch", thirteen)

She is one of the most beautiful and most sought-after women in Argentina. At the time of fun, however, men generally behave very well. So he confessed on the track Dance own Sol Pérezwho did not have the best experience when choosing their former footballers.

"Indeed, when you went with footballers, like Exequiel Palacios, Did he tell you about Aristotle? I'm dying here dead"he asked Marcelo Tinelli after declaring she likes the men who talked to her about the "philosophy of life."

"We sat and we talked about life "she replied. "We're all talking about life," the driver said.

"No, we are talking about how you are struggling with problems, about what you want for your life, about one, I will not say who told me," What do you want for your life? I want to be a millionaire. "" No, you can not be a millionaire in life. "For example, whenever I go years, I walk my fingers and say," My three wishes are that I want to be happy. "That includes everything. I had a very rat friend who gave me a birthday ", expressed first girl weather,

"It is that footballers are half confiscatedAre you alive or not? ¿Magallán It was Boca caught? ", he consulted Tinelli,

"It was even worse than what gave me presents, known one of the river at that time. I prefer giving him chocolate, but he brought me a change of clothes he gave him"she admitted.

"Football shorts, river Bucits?" Vice President San Lorenzo asked.

"No, for example women's brand shoes sponsored by him"The sun was sincere." confiscatedThere are rats. I invited a lot, "he added, then told anecdote how to explain it.

"He gave me the vouchers and never picked me up for lunch." My mother is a witness, I told him: "Tell me when we go." But he replied that I had no time. And when we finally went, the coupon has already passed, so I paid for it."concluded the participant Dance, who consulted with the equipment to which the man concerned belonged, limited himself to playing in national B.

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