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Danger: María Eugenia Vidal launches jail for "model" for young people – 02/12/2019

María Eugenia Vidalová will open in the middle and a new "model" prison unit in Campana. According to Governor Buenos Aires, it is the first prison, brand new, inaugurated in the province for more than a decade. It is intended for young people (all men) 18 to 21 yearswho have committed property crimes that have committed themselves to re-engaging in society and undergoing intensive training.

Reports are known when Cambiemos seeks security as the central theme of the campaign, amid strong economic recession. In the deep Conurban, the problem is always latent: according to the province, there is more than one 40% of young people commit crimes again after he was imprisoned.

Campana's model unit, a project under the Ministry of Justice led by Gustavo Ferrario, plans more than 600 prisoners, Many of which have already been "selected and evaluated" by the provincial authority of children and adolescents at a total of 3700 young people located in the prison system in Buenos Aires.

"Young people going to new prison must sign commitments to comply with the guidelinesRespect coexistence, plans and educational and work activities. Ti s problems with addictions, must pass through the program integral treatment with the support of interdisciplinary experts, "they explain in the province.

New prison camp Campan.

New prison camp Campan.

"It is inspired by German and United States prison patterns, respecting international human rights standards. unique in its style in the country ", Added by the government.

He has a prison four independent modules, has classrooms, workshops and a sports centerIn addition, prisoners have to deal with their own waste, grow a common garden, and ensure "sponsorship of layoffs" organized in the same prison to ensure escorts.

New prison camp Campan.

New prison camp Campan.

Justice and security policy is a fighting horse for the leadership of the province of Buenos Aires. According to officials, "We are much better than we originally found the province, but we are still far away."

"Today children under the age of 16 are still detained at police stations, even though five reception rooms are about to open, "they say in the interior.


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