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Dario Cvitanich left Banfield and Racing is waiting for him – 11/01/2019

Remedios de Escalada, Lanús, Gerli and Avellaneda (Maxi Kosteki and Dario Santillán); from the station, there are only ten blocks to the cylinder. Dario Cvitanich separated from Banfield and got on a train that takes him to Racing, perhaps the last of what is happening in his career, which includes Ajax, Pachuca, Boca, Niza and Miami FC. A 34-year-old attacker escaped the one who took him to Núñez, where Marcelo Gallardo waited for a reinforcement of the river facing the Copa Libertadores semifinals. The now-born Baradero did not want to miss the chance to enter the champion of the championship, the Eduardo Coudet team.

Cvitanich spent the last Friday in Drill in Luis Guillon. There he said goodbye to his (ex) companions, gathered things, and at 5 o'clock in the afternoon he went on board his imported black van. Just a greeting with the window down and not a fan in the door waiting for the autograph. The captain and banfield sign Banfield, who promised to leave with the shirt of the club that created it, was tired of an apathetic leadership that did not know how to settle the debts (economic and emotional) he had with the player.

Around 19.30, he appealed to the social networks in advance to issue his issue with a large letter in which he shot at the height of the manager and said goodbye to the fans: "It was hard to accept that what we signed would not be feasible", he wrote. When his passage to the River was frustrated, in October 2017, CD Banfield and Eduardo Spinosa led his contract to renew until 2020 as a replacement. Now with Lucia Barbuta in the Bureau, the distance between the player and the leader was extended.

In Avellaneda, the gate of the Presidente Perón stadium is open and awaiting the arrival of the shooter. Racing adds hierarchy and experience to the final section of the championship. Coudet wants him for his international relationship because he knows the fabric. And because it comes with permission to sign a contract for 18 months, as opposed to the $ 3.5 million that the club would have to pay for the signature Morro Santiago García.

This Saturday, Cvitanich will improve medical control, and if everything goes well (and if bureaucratic steps and paperwork permit), he signs an agreement with the Academy in the afternoon. Cvita he will meet Lisandro López, France's partner in life, though for the first time to share costumes and shirts, one of the key players to finish persuading an attacker to move from Lomas de Zamora to Avellaneda. The other was Ariel Broggi – Coudet's assistant and former colleague Cvitanich in Banfield, who threw the phone and soon seduced him and conquered him.

For Coudet, the arrival of Cvitanich is a relief. After leaving Gustav Bou – he returned to Tijuana in Mexico – Chacho I needed to strengthen my leadership position, even though I was the second team with more goals in favor of the Super League with 26, just one less than Atlético Tucumán.

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